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    Water in bilge

    so maybe a stupid question.... my 2018 264 sunesta always has some water in the bilge. how much is considered "normal". It is annoying to me because i am a neat freak and i dont like the dirty water in there Jonny
  2. Jonny40QBH

    Fresh water guy looking to the Bahamas??

    I have felt uncomfortable on the Chesapeake Bay in my 26' bow rider. I would not do a trip to Bimini in my boat. ....but that is just me
  3. Jonny40QBH

    Anchor Locker Drain

    the drain in mine does clog a lot. The hole is actually surprisingly small. I take a plastic zip tie and use it to poke through the drain hole to clear it out.
  4. Jonny40QBH

    Adding speakers to tower

    So i want to add rear facing speakers to the arch on my 2018 264 Sunesta. My question is: Do i need to add an amp as well or will the factory amp be able to handle the extra speakers. I am not going for the huge wetsounds 600watt speakers but something a lot more subdued. thoughts?? Jonny
  5. Jonny40QBH

    Boat and Dog

    DEFINITELY get a life jacket for the pooch! not only will they be safer but also gives you an easy handle to grab them by to get them out of the water.
  6. Jonny40QBH

    Trim motor help

    it sounds like a loose wire. making contact sometimes and sometimes not. either a ground or something else is loose
  7. Jonny40QBH

    2014 Sunesta taking on water when cruising

    I always have some water in the bilge but it is not even enough for the bilge to be able to pump out. On my 2018 Sunesta, I have a drain on the riser and manifolds that are actuated by a plunger type valve. When i return to my slip, I depress the valve and the water drains into the bilge. Other than that I never seem to have enough water in there to even be able to pump out Jonny
  8. Jonny40QBH


    Mr. Mom...Michael Keaton!
  9. Jonny40QBH

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    I heard a rumor from somone in the know that Chap is done with the Sig line and will drop it completely in the very near future. I think it is a sign of the times.
  10. Jonny40QBH

    Rearview mirror

    I have a 2018 264 Sunesta. Any recommendations for a rear view mirror to use when towing. Thanks in advance Jonny
  11. Jonny40QBH

    Rearview mirror

    thanks guys
  12. Jonny40QBH

    Cooler recommendations

    I have the igloo cooler that came with the boat. I am planning on modifying it to make it better. Gonna drill a hole through the outer skin and inject expandable foam in between the outer and inner skin. I think that will make this little cooler a LOT more efficient Jonny
  13. Jonny40QBH

    Towing tube from 264

    can someone explain the proper way to attach a tow rope to the transom hook. want to make sure i am doing it right before i give it a try in a couple weeks
  14. Jonny40QBH


    I have the same problem on my 2018 264 Sunesta. I think the drain line doesn't have enough drop in it to effectively drain Jonny
  15. Jonny40QBH

    Anchor locker chain/rode question

    the only problem i have is that there isn't a cleat in the locker to tie off the rode. I have to tie off to bow cleat. It would make it much cleaner of there was a cleat in the anchor locker
  16. Jonny40QBH

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    so a couple things I noticed on ours... Same as your boat.. Yes you must sit down as a guy and yes you can't pull your pants up without opening the door unless you are a contortionist. I do find it very room once you are seated. I use the same chemicals that i use in my motorcoach for the holding tanks. Buy on Amazon..very inexpensive. When you go to dump your tank, you have to keep the toilet ball valve open or the stuff will not pump out. Learned that the hard way. There is no need to put chemicals down the sink because that drains overboard and not into the tank Jonny
  17. Jonny40QBH

    Anchor locker chain/rode question

    I have no problem fitting the rode and the chain and anchor in the anchor locker. Everything fits nicely and I don't take to much care to coil it up. There is a drain hole at the bottom of the locker, but mine needs to be drilled out because it is too small and my locker has been filling up with water
  18. Jonny40QBH

    Docking....with wind and little room to maneuver

    SO i think bow in is going to be easier. It sounds similar to my slip. So if i were you, I would come down the port side of the channel. Right before my bow gets to the slip, I would turn the wheel all the way to starboard and bump into reverse for a second or 2 to swing my stern around. When I am sufficiently lined up with the slip. straighten up and pull in. Even if your stern gets pushed passed a little you still should be able to steer in. I am new to this but it has been working pretty well for my slip Jonny
  19. Jonny40QBH

    New boat is in the slip but boy do I need practice!

    I have the EXACT boat! Yes it has taken a lot of practice and it still sometimes is just not right. I have found that I was coming in too close the row of slips and it was hard to make the pivot turn. I moved a bit farther out to the center of the channel and then hit reverse to stop as much forward motion.. then start he pivot turn with turning wheel hard to starboard and bumping reverse for 2 sec. then hard to port and bump to forward. then i find I am fairly lined up and I can drive it in in reverse adjusting as necessary. I have also used the pylon as a pivot. the rub rail is pretty stout. Although, i did put a gouge on the rub rail from a piece of metal sticking out on my slip...I was pissed! but thank god it was on the rub rail and not the fiberglass. My boat is a 2018 as well...Just got it in sept... my first boat so I am learning a LOT Jonny
  20. Jonny40QBH

    BIG Decision today

    Last week I put a contract in on a 2011 264 Sunesta that was down in Marco Island, Fl. The boat was exactly what I wanted but logistics of getting it up here was proving to be a little tough. Additionally, I am really afraid that this boat is going to be clobbered in the hurricane tomorrow as Marco Island is expecting 12-15ft of storm surge. I went to a dealer today who had some nice used Chaps today. Well, I am now the proud owner of a brand new 2018 264 Sunesta. The dealer cut a VERY good deal and I couldn't refuse. I just cancelled the contract on the Marco Island boat! Very excited to have a BRAND new Chap with all the warranty and support!
  21. Jonny40QBH

    Opinions needed

    I just put a contract in on this boat. 2011 264 Sunesta. This is my first boat and I am nervous I am going to miss something. I made the contract contingent on hull and engine survey as well as Sea trial. Going to fly down to see it on Wednesday. A friend of mine who is very knowledgeable in boats looked it over and said there were just a few scratches in the gel coat but other than that it looked great. Any input is appreciated. http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2011-chaparral-264-sunesta-103128624/ jonny
  22. Jonny40QBH

    Anybody going to Ft Lauderdale Int'l Boat Show?

    I am going!! Can't wait. Will post pics
  23. Jonny40QBH

    OK.. THAT was expensive!!!

    I am taking delivery of my first boat this coming Wednesday. I am so excited I can't even sleep. 2018 264 Sunesta. So today I went to West Marine to get some lines, fenders, binoculars, a couple of inflateable PFD's and a couple other odds and ends. NOTHING extraordinary. Even after my new boater 6% discount, the total was still $848. WOW!! This is going to be an expensive hobby! Still EXCITED and what the heck coffins don't have pockets so you might as well spend it!
  24. Jonny40QBH

    Where does the grey water go??

    Spent the weekend learning all the systems for my new 2018 264 Sunesta. The toilet flush goes into the holding tank... does the water from the sink go there as well or does that get discharged overboard? Thanks in advance for the answer. Jonny
  25. Jonny40QBH

    Where does the grey water go??

    Drains do NOT lead to bilge... right out thru the hull