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  1. OK - I had a 246 SSI 2006 but a 1949 Chris Craft caused a rear end collision with my boat while I was drifting and my boat is totaled. Thanks to the well constructed Chap - no one was seriously hurt we stayed afloat and no fire. Considering a NEW 2016 246 ssi [still new on the showroom floor a/o 8/17]. Any thoughts or recommendations. This boat has the same Merc Bravo 3 that my old boat had which had some advanced galvanic corrosion - I hated this an swore if I ever got a new boat I would stay away from this out drive. Wondering if Merc ever corrected this problem. Lastly the PP on the new boat is apx 62 clams with a list of 77 - is this a good deal? Thanks for the replies.