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  1. Got it done. Works great. It was an aftermarket swing arm type and measured it as per directions. The bolts lined up perfect on the first try with the float arm pointing in & away from the side or back of the tank. WInterized and stored. Won’t get a true indication accuracy until next May or June. Geezis that’s a long time thinking about it as I write, but glad I did it now and not think about all winter.
  2. Thanks TNBrett, appreciate the reply. I’m doing it tomorr and glad to know this before I ripped the package open.
  3. I’m not sure if the pattern will line up correctly with the float arm facing inward & away from the side of the tank for proper movement.
  4. Anyone know if I can use a arm style float sending unit rather than the rod style on my 196ssi. It will fit in the hole and same length but wonder if it has room to raise. Is this why they used the rod style originally? Or just what they chose as OEM.
  5. Yes that is perfect. Thank you for the suggestion. Will look into this one.
  6. Will do. Not impressed with Chaparral's decision to use a 29 gallon tank on my boat.
  7. Ya I did measure it. It's 9" but the float only goes as high as 8" on the rod at full. I can't afford $$$ to make a mistake on the correct length.
  8. I removed the sending unit in the driveway and measured it. With the float at the top of the rod it's 7" at bottom of float(8" to top of float). Mine is only 29 gallons. I'm not sure how they measure them but I'm going with a 8" sending unit.
  9. I hear ya 1naylor. Here's what I did. I ordered an after market sending unit today 8", and will install it when it comes in. The company(Royce Industries) that made the ones used in my 2013 are no longer in business. Chaparral has some in stock but I'm not going through this again due to a faulty sinking float. Its not so wonder they went out of business
  10. Thanks for replying. I was hoping someone just knew the length without taking it out again until the new one arrives. I'm buying the flexi style with no float. Not chancing the float sinking again as I've read is happening to others.
  11. I need to buy a new sending unit and getting the new style flexi sensor. Does anyone know the sending unit length for a 196ssi. I read a prior post that said 8". The tank measures 10" high. It's only a 29 gallon tank(U.S).
  12. Can anyone tell me what Chart Plotter/GPS fits the slot behind the steering wheel on a 196ssi or if there's one that's an exact fit?
  13. Thanks Wingnut. Appreciate the reply.
  14. Does a 2013 196ssi with 4.3 VP(200hp) have a rev limiter?
  15. UPDATE: Put a 4 blade aluminum 14.5x17 on today. It might plane a tad faster but not really noticeable. I gained 200rpm as suggested but lost 6mph. Not worth the $$$. Sticking with what I have 14.75x19P SS. If anything I would get a 4 blade in the same pitch. This prop thing can be an ongoing money pit for micro result imo!!