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  1. Appreciate the info struggle. I think I will order just a float from Chaparral if its possible. Glad to hear other peoples issues and figure out my own.
  2. Thank u for the info sburke91
  3. Ya hoping brick. Gonna try 17P
  4. Thanks Ron. Gonna try 17P. Will let everyone know if I find one before this weekend. Got a prop shop here so hoping he has one.
  5. At this point I'm now looking at 4 blade aluminum. Once again my 2013 196ssi with 19P 3 blade SS prop shows 4300-4400RPM WOT & 45 mph. With all the opinions and great advice it's either 4 blade aluminum in 17P or 19P and really thinking 19P because I don't want to lose any speed. Will the 19P 4 blade keep the current 45 mph speed as the 19P 3 blade SS has now?
  6. It was a reply from them. Not sure of the author.
  7. Appreciate the feedback. Will be looking into it.
  8. Update: Chaparral is sending instructions how to calibrate the fuel sending unit. I've never heard of this. Can't imagine boat owners needing to "calibrate" the sending unit or maybe it's the gauge. Either way Grrrrr
  9. If the float is bad do I still need to buy the entire sending rod unit?
  10. Will do. I'll let you all know. Just try to decide what's the best jug to use.
  11. Good call. I'll take it apart again.
  12. Yes exactly. But I even held the float to the top as I submerged it into the full tank and gauge immediately went back to 1/3 full. Im puzzled.
  13. Any help is appreciated. Now I don't if the fuel gauge is bad or the sending unit?
  14. Ok I took it apart again SterndriveEd. The guage moved to full when the float was up to the top of the sending rod and then showed mid and then empty as I moved it down. I put it back in the tank, which is almost full, guage showing a 1/3 tank. Frustrating.
  15. Thanks Chap243. Going to do that I think. I just need to know the torque value for the pulley bolts and if I should put anything on them(anti seize).