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  1. The pedestal/leg comes with a black mounting rings. I didn't install it on the swim deck, I had it installed as part of the spring check list.
  2. I have the Kuuma 216 Elite purchased it from Home deposit .com. in short, love it. I do not find the windy day issues with it blowing out, it just takes longer to cook. I have it mounted on the swim platform out of the way. When we are on the water It's very easy to setup and use. Capt's note I'm a cook and enjoy more than a dog or a burger. Now that said, I have cooked hotdogs and burgers on the grill and found it to perform well, but be prepared to deal with the grease. Anything else, Brats, sausage, BBQ I cook at home and carry on board just to be reheated. I would never
  3. My seats picked up a orange tint this year,. Not sure how this happed, but was wondering if it can be cleaned. I've already tried 3M vinyl cleaner, and Spray 9. So far no luck. Any Suggestions ?
  4. I want to thank everyone's helpful information. I'm off to Walmart for the Mobil 1 synthetic 15w 50.
  5. I'm ready to change the oil in my boat. I own a 2008 Sunsetta 224with Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI - J . I'm wondering what kind and type of oil to use. Any suggestions ?
  6. Hoping someone can offer advise. I have the unfortunate luck to experience a oil leak where the oil plug bottom of my pan screws in. I understand this is somewhat of a common problem and design flaw. My question, how do people fix this. Is this as simple as just replacing the plug, or does the engine need to be pulled?
  7. that's exactly what happen. The old impeller was worn in and didn't create the problem. Once replace the groves allowed water to pass cutting the flow. it was nothing money couldn't fix. Went for a ride this morning and the boat is running fine. Happy the cold is passing in NJ and back on the water.
  8. just received the call from the marina. Its the water pump ! i guess that's good news on the GXI because it didn't involve puling apart the lower end. Still wondering did i do something wrong when i swapped out the impeller. Thanks !
  9. yes as soon as my boat when in, it didn't pump. I can blow air through it. My concerns here are when i changed the impeller did I make a mistake, or didn't prep for the winter correctly. It is a 2008 Volvo Penta 5.7 GXI with an SX drive.
  10. Hoping I can get a bit of help here. i had my Sunsetta hauled today and put in the water only to find it was not pumping any water. The engine over heated within no time, works fine when we have the fresh water from the doc. I'm wondering if i missed a step somewhere. When winterizing ran antifreeze through till it came out pink. Replaced the impeller with a Volvo part. Any suggestions ?
  11. Thanks everyone for the help. Yes i had a ground wire not connected which fixed one of the two blowers. On the second blower not working it is not receiving power. I'll be pulling out the breaker panel today to test connectivity. Any suggestions after that?
  12. Looking for suggestions to help pin point the issues with my blowers not working in my 2008 Sunsetta 244. When i uncovered it this spring I noticed both blowers were not working. I checked the breakers and tested with a multi meter the lines at the blowers and breakers. Only one breaker had power. Just wondering is there anything else I can check, I ordered a new blower and plan to swap it out hoping it will fix the issue.
  13. This year i have the lower unit on the boat for the winter. Just wondering should I shrink wrap it or not?
  14. For sometime now my 2008 244 Sunsetta stop registering the depth on the in dash gages. I'm hoping to fix this over the down season now that the boat is out of the water. Before i start replacing everything out I was wondering if there any troubling shooting steps i can carry out to isolate the issue, or can i test depth while the boat is on bocks. Here is way i see, 1. The in dash depth gage is not showing up when i flip through, in the past when is was there it registered 0" 2.) Garmin 540 is not registering any water depth Thanks for you help !
  15. If you use heat it could lead to issues with the O rings on the drive. Purchase a 30mm open end box wrench at Home Depot for $10.00. That should give you the leverage needed ( it worked for me) .
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