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  1. If you use heat it could lead to issues with the O rings on the drive. Purchase a 30mm open end box wrench at Home Depot for $10.00. That should give you the leverage needed ( it worked for me) .
  2. Thank all for help. In the battle of Tom VS boat, today Tom won ( with help ). Winterization project completed.
  3. i able to pull the props off. The tips made all the difference. Now I'm facing the impossible screw ( who does this, put a hex nut or bolt !!) Any tips to get this loose. I'm now soaking with liquid wrench, and I hit i with an impact screw driver.
  4. I didn't see any cotter pins or anything locking the nut, is that correct ?
  5. Thanks for the correction. I was able to pick up the special wrench, O rings and proper lube from the local Volvo dealer. No the issue starts with I can't get the first nut off.
  6. I'm pulling duro props to get to the drain plug so i can change the lower unit oil. ( let me just say are they kidding !!! ) Does anyone have a trick or tip to help me. I've purchased the nessary O rings and tools. When i tried to get to off but they seam to be on there to stay.
  7. raw water
  8. I'm not sure, I would remove them from the thermostat.
  9. Thank you ! Do you only run the antifreeze through or do you open the hoses and fill?
  10. First time doing my winterization on my 2008 244 Sunsuta with Volvo Penta 5.7 GI with SX DP outdrive. What I seam to be stuck on is when I put the muffs on to flush out the drive I didn't seam to see water running out. Only some ( again not much ) water came out from what looks like a big slot above the props. This model comes with a flush out on the engine, when i hock up the water hose there water ran with out a issue. Two questions: Is there a trick to using the muffs? Can i run AF at the engine or do i still need the muffs to flush it completely through.
  11. thanks again !! is this a replacement part or something that might need cleaning. Made it's time for a new one....
  12. Thanks ! Is the filter inline off of the system?
  13. No, that is what i thought so I added water. It's now 1/2 full. Is there such a thing as vapor lock or a clogged filter? It worked great all summer...
  14. I noticed the last time we went out that the fresh water in the head was not filling. After further investigation i observed the fresh water at my sinks would run for a quick blast, all pressure would drop then run again for a quick blast. Any thoughts or possible suggestions for me to look at....
  15. Thanks for you help !!