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  1. Jeff Schaefer


    Have 2018 Chaparral 330 Signature, used the bathroom this weekend and once flushed it smelled like someone got sick in my toilet. I know that’s not the case as I was with friends on my boat. Since the boat sat for 4 months and I just used it someone said I may need to change the sea land waste filter. I’m surprised with a new boat I would have this issue. Does anyone think the issues could be more than the filter? I did pump out and put a deodorizer in the toilet but no luck
  2. Jeff Schaefer

    Water Softner and Filter

    Thanks for the feedback. Should clarify, I don't really care about it being drinkable, my boats in salt water and after the day when I wash down the hull I am trying to minimize the water spots.
  3. Jeff Schaefer

    Water Softner and Filter

    Own a 330 Signature that's stored behind my home on a lift and looking for a good spot free water softner to rinse the boat and fill my water tank. Any suggestions?
  4. Jeff Schaefer

    Engine failure

    Interesting you mentioned swapping the ECM, that's what they did. When they put the starboard ECM in the port, it started. When they took it back out and put the original ECM back in the port, it wouldn't start.
  5. Jeff Schaefer

    Engine failure

    All, Thank you for your feedback - We took the boat out yesterday in an attempt to duplicate the issue and as expected, we lost the port engine after 4 hours. Upon returning to the Marina, they connected the computer and were able to read some of the faults. In the end, they need to replace the ECM and fuel pump. Lets hope this fixes the problem.
  6. Jeff Schaefer

    Engine failure

    Joe, thanks for your input, can you help me understand what you mean by it’s “usually related to an outside source”? Does mean something electrical?
  7. Thanks to all for your input. 

    Blake, they did check pressure and filters. Once the motor went out, it would not start back up. Several days later it did start on its own.

  8. Jeff Schaefer

    Engine failure

    Purchased a new 2018 33 Signature with twin Volvo Penta and last 3 times out I have lost power on port engine. When I took it to the dealer they could not find the problem or duplicate the engine failure. They tightened everything and then we took the boat out to run it. No issues after 4 hours on the boat. This morning we went out again and after 5 minutes idling we lost power to the port engine. Very concerned I’m losing one of ,y engines and the tech or computer can’t find the problem. I must admit the Volvo Penta engines were a concern for me and now it’s a reality. Has anyone experienced losing one of the engines on a new boat? The whole reason I toook the plunge and bought a new boat was to avoid the constant maintenance to older boat. Never thought i’d pay over $200k for a new boat and I can’t use it.
  9. Jeff Schaefer

    Volvo Penta V-*8

    Thanks for the feedback, it's very helpful. I'll wait to see this week what the dealer tells me, hopefully its a one off issue similar to what you experienced and we're back to boating next week.
  10. Jeff Schaefer

    Volvo Penta V-*8

    Purchased a new 2018 330 Signature with twin Volvo Penta V-8's. I must admit I was hesitant about purchasing the boat with Volvo motors not Mercruisers based on the limited number of people who can work on the engines. After several calls to dealers and mechanics, they assured me the motors are as good if not better and they have the same block. Well, after 32 hours on the engines, I have experienced my first issue with the motors. I was on a weekend trip with friends and after 3 hours on the water the port engine started to hesitate and bog down. After a few seconds it reengaged and ran for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the motor started hesitating again and eventually lost power. I turned the motor off and tried many times unsuccessfully to restart. We found a place for the weekend and waited 2 days to return back home on 1 engine. To our surprise, the motor started for our trip home and ran without issues until 4 hours in to the trip. Once again as we were cruising, the boat started hesitating and eventually the port engine lost power. It's now at the marina being looked at. Has anyone else experienced a similar situation with their Volvo Penta engines?? I'm hoping this is something simple and I don't have long term problems with these motors.
  11. Jeff Schaefer

    Steering Failure

    Just bought a 2018 Chaparral 330 and went for an overnight trip this past weekend. On the way home we stopped to meet friends and when I tried to dock using the joy stick it wouldn't engage and I received a steering failure notification on the starboard engine. After docking and waiting a couple hours, I got back in the boat only to see the same message and the starboard engine wouldn't throttle past 1500 Rpm's. I idled for 10 minutes, shut the engine off and restarted. All of a sudden I had full power. Anyone have this problem? I'll talk to the dealer but was curious if anyone else has had this issue.
  12. Jeff Schaefer


    I'm buying a new 2018 330 Signature with twin Volvo's. Chaparral is offering a 5yr warranty on engines and the components. i'm curuious if they stand behind the product, or if something goes wrong do they question why it happened and don't want to repair it under the warranty. When I read the warranty they tell you A LOT of what's not covered.
  13. Jeff Schaefer

    Volvo Penta V-*8

    Thanks Jeff. This was very helpful.
  14. Jeff Schaefer

    Volvo Penta V-*8

    The boat would be on a lift not in a slip. My 300 Sundancer doesn't have a cooling system and I flush after each use. If I treat the Volvo's the same as the Merc's, I'm assuming the performance should be the same. Thanks for the input.
  15. Jeff Schaefer

    2014 Chaparral 330

    Love my 300. Bought a used 2004 2.5 years ago and now have 620 hours. Selling/trading it in for a newer model boat. Hope I don't regret it since its been a great boat. Not to mention they only want to give me $42k. Only reason I'm looking at the Chap is the seating arrangement above and below.