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  1. Looking at purchasing. Low hour 14 330, and a local Volvo Penta mechanic said he has seen a lot of issues with the thermostats and trim. others having the same problems?
  2. I had a 2004 300. Was a great boat with very little issues. Big fan of the Sea Ray but the Chaparell has a better seating and sleeping arrangement.
  3. Currently own 300 Sundancer and looking to upgrade to a 2014 Sundancer but I recently looked at the 330 Chaparral and liked the cabin and seating better. I've been warned about buying something with Volvo motors and don't know if that's just a Sea Ray scare tactic. Don't really see many reviews in the Chaparral so I'm looking for feedback from some owners. Not sure if it matters, The boat will be in salt water not fresh. Hopefully that doesn't matter so long as you flush them.