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  1. Anyone have a parts guide for a 2000 196SSi? I really just need to know the dashboard part number and ladder cover part number.
  2. I ended up using starbrite hull cleaner and I'm happy overall but there are still some problem areas that I'll probably have to polish out. thank you all for your help.
  3. This is year 2 with a boat. Last fall one of our neighbors kids cleaned the scum off of our boat hull. This year it's on me. I tried to just pressure wash it, which removes the big scummy stuff (see the right side of the attached pic). What remains appears to be ingrained. It doesn't removed with harder pressure washing or scrubbing. I have not used toilet bowl cleaner or muri this year, but tried last year with not luck. Any other ideas????
  4. I recently had my sundeck/engine cover on my 2000 196ssi redone. I forgot to note the location of the gas lift assist brackets and screw holes where the brackets connect to the underside of the sundeck. Anyone able to share a picture of how/where the brackets connect? I've got the main hinge reconnected, but my first attempt to reconnect the brackets tore up the underside of the sundeck. I'd need a picture that is taken from a lower angle than the stock pic I found and attached to this topic.
  5. Any recommendations? Hard to DIY? Kids need reminded every two minutes to jump off to the sides.
  6. Anyone know why I'm getting a sheen near the back of my boat when stopping? Bellows and prop were changed this year but I just started to notice it. Trim/tilt?
  7. What is "trouble" about roller trailers. Eagle was rusted almost through the middle of the cross members (where the drain hole is)
  8. I went ahead and purchased a used EZ loader roller trailer that is slightly bigger than my old bunk style trailer. Any advice as to how to adjust the rollers to fit a smaller boat than originally intended for the trailer? See the pics that show the old trailer (black) and the new (white).
  9. I recently purchased a used 196ssi. The trailer is in rough shape (eagle 1999). I can purchase a trail star dual axle 1998 trailer for about $750. It originally came with a tracker boat. I'm nervous the bunks won't line up with my boat. Can I tell prior to purchase? Is it possible to redo the bunks?
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