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  1. chaparral 2335

    Went to looka at the engine over the weekend did a compression test 6 cilinders had good compression of 150 the other two were 100 and 115 so that was a deal breaker
  2. chaparral 2335

    After looking around I found a complete 5.7 mercruiser that someone is selling for a really good price on cl says he did a full tune up, new p/s pump and cooler new alternator and compression of 150 on all cylinders . Anything I should be worried about??
  3. chaparral 2335

    Thank you I'm thinking this boat had a 5.7 at some point. The carb cover is for a 5.7 i guess I'll start looking for a new engine..
  4. chaparral 2335

    Thanks everyone that replied and apreciate all the help
  5. chaparral 2335

    Welded it on the block, the oil seemed fine so I figured it was a creck on the outher wall. No haven't done compression test yet that was my next step until I found out it is a 5.0 engine
  6. chaparral 2335

    New to the forum and new to boating . So I purchased my first boat back in April, we bought the boat and didn't get to use it until middle of July, first time we went out We were having trouble getting the boat on plane and getting past 3800 rpms! After finally getting on plane was cruising about 30mph than a spark plug got pushed out of the shell... end up getting towed on our first time on the water. I put all new plugs in it, changed oil and even put new trim limit and gauge senders (old ones were not working) the second time we tried going in the water found out my engine block was cracked....after doing some research I decided to give JB weld a try .. bad decision lol, tried it again and water was just shooting out of the crack. So decided to give my mig welder a try since it doesnt get too hot like stick and wouldn't afect the cast too much and it worked great. Finally back on the water boat was doing ok not leaking at all bit was still having a hard time getting on plane but it would eventually do it we went out on it like that a few times but last time we went out it got to the point where it just wouldn't plane out at all. changed fuel pump, checked fuel pressure just cant figure out what the problem is..oh and after messing with the engine today came to find out It does not have the 5.7 like I was told I got the numbers from the back of the block and and did some research and it is a 5.0. So would that be the reason? Does the 5.0 dont have enough power? Any advice would be great amd sorry for the long description!