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  1. Hi does anyone out there have or know where to find a diagram or picture of the switches at the helm for a 1995 sig 27 .I'm looking to have some vinyl cut to lable them properly. thanks-
  2. Thanks to all who noticed the trailer being undersized. Returned it to the seller and now have a 6 1/2" aluminum I beam bunk under it with 5200# axles..
  3. I hope so I'm in the boat now working out the undersized trailer issue with the seller.
  4. I must have miss stated in my earlier post...replying and working bad combo lol. No the boat was winterized and stored for for the two years properly by the shop.The gas was changed motor tuned up out drive serviced and fluids done recently in prep for sale.Also I mean 6000 lbs weight not price sorry for the confusion.
  5. I wasn't planning on towing it far I live close to the Hudson and near by lakes 15 mins in either direction the longest would be 45 min ride to CT. I just want it to be safe last thing I need is an axle snapping in the road or some other catastrophic failure.The boat was taken by the shop for failure to pay storage and winterizing for two years or so I'm told... you know the old "grandma drove it 2 miles to the grocery store and back on Sunday's". The shop selling it seemed pretty legitimate so I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, but one would think he would know the trailer seems under rated for a 6k+ boat
  6. Billy ,I have worked as an ASE cert. Mechanic,carpenter,electronics technician and the list goes on LOL. finally settled in Radiology. I've built motors heads and houses.I should have the handy part covered it's just the time part I may not have!
  7. Thanks Billy..... that is exactly what I was looking for. I was going to use a car analogy but your last teply answered that before I could even post it! Yeah I'm wondering about the trailer myself I can't find any weight/ spec. Tags on it.Are there any stamped serial numbers or identification on ez loader trailers?
  8. Hi newbie here purchasing a 1995 signature 27 with a 7.4 carb Volvo penta drive.getting thenboat for a great price what are the key issues to look for in that model/year/drive combo?