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  1. Had a Merc with an Alpha1 drive for 13 years and never had to replace any parts. Had this Volvo for 5 years and lost a trim pump and sensor already, had to sink a lot of deer to fix that. Great Boat but, I think the next one will have a Merc.
  2. I noticed my trim gauge wasn't working so when checking through things I found what looks like a light hydraulic oil in the bilge. Can't see where it's coming from, and both steering and trim are working. Anyone got any ideas where to start looking?
  3. I noticed that the trim gauge is not reading. When you turn on the ingnition on the gauge powers up but won't indicate the position of the outdrive. Anyone got any ideas where I should start?
  4. Last two times out I notices that my tachometer is fogging up. '09 196 SSI. Anyone else experience this problem?
  5. You all were right. Joe is great. New graphics should be here in a few weeks. Thanks for the lead.
  6. I have a 2009 196SSI and I love it. I bought it new in May of 2009 and even with our short boating season have over 220 hours on it. Owned a Searay before this and buying a Chap was the best move I ever made. But I know all Chap owners think that. Good Luck
  7. Thanks for the Info. Much appreciated.
  8. Last fall I damaged the graphics on the starboard side of my boat. I have been trying to get another set ordered by my local marina, but they never call me back. Anyone out there know if a Chaparral dealer that is more responsive to their clients? Amy help would be appreciated.
  9. Hi All, We have decided to put our boat in a slip at a local marina this year (first time every). Any ideas for keeping her safe and as clean as possible. I know I will be cleaning her more that I did when she was garage kept. Any help would ne greatly appreciated
  10. Thanks for all the great Ideas. We finally decided to put on on the stern.
  11. I'm laughing so hard I had to have the wife finish reading it.
  12. Anyone with a 2009 Volvo 4.3 190hp had a recall done on the carborator? My dealer is taking care of the recall but had to send the carb back to Volvo for the repair and I was wondering if anyone had it done how long it took to get the carborator back.
  13. I thought about the sides but really not sure what that will look like. Her name is "Chas'n Sunsets"
  14. We finally decided on a name for the boat but can't decide where to put it. We have a 196SSI Wide Tech. Do I put it on the swim platform, not a lot of room on the aft. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  15. We got our boat in May and have about 108 hrs on her now. Will more then likely have her to the marina for winterizing the first week of October. Hoping for a few more good days.
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