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  1. Purpose may be to make it easier if the engine must be removed. I've heard the through hull fitting for the lube line breaks easily so a quick disconnect would eliminate having to mess with it and the potential hassle of having to replace.
  2. I emailed Chaparral and they gave me the spectrum #s for the gelcoat used on my boat. I might have had to provide the hull #.
  3. Spray 9 marine version followed by 303 protectant does great on marine upholstery as far as normal cleaning, but never had mold so not sure how it does on that.
  4. Thinking a little more about it, all bass boats I've been around have a smooth bore drain hole, and a rubber expanding plug is used. Both Types of Chaparral drains I'm familiar with are thread in, one was plastic sealed by an o-ring, the other is a brass plug with pipe threads. Pretty sure the brass type is more common and don't think it's 1".
  5. I think I saw it had a 6' cable. My computer is acting up so can't open now to double check. If so, 6' won't make it anywhere near the helm. May be able to mount it somewhere on the base of the back seat? Also, some Mercruisers come with a hose on the oil drain that's attached to the drain plug to allow you to drain the oil in the block out the back. If you have that option, you'd lose that ability, though many don't use it anyhow because it's slow. Chaparrals also have used at least two different drain plug styles that I know of. Not sure which your boat will have. Not a bad idea though.
  6. Can you explain what you mean by Chaparral repitching their props? Also can get better answers if you include info on engine, outdrive and ratio info. As a point of reference I have an '05 210 SSI with 5.0MPI. I run a 20p ss 4 blade and I hit 50 at 5000 rpm and still pull multiple slalom skiers up.
  7. True, and many may never need parts unexpectedly. But if you do, lots easier to find Merc parts.
  8. People have their preferences between Merc and Volvo but not sure one is really better. But available service SB a strong consideration. I've got friends with Volvos that have missed vacations because couldn't get their Volvo worked on. Not much Volvo service where we boat. A v6 at 240 hp sounds underpowered for that boat.
  9. You will need to list the motor/outdrive combos as well as other options for anyone to give you any type of meaningful response. The list price on the 237 could vary by $20K or more depending upon build.
  10. Keep us posted please. I am considering going this route this fall when I put it up for the winter. The meguiars flagship wax is what I use and waterspots become a problem towards summer end.
  11. Any updates on this product? How's it hold up. Curious because I just looked at the Meguiars forum where they were discussing this and the Meguiars guy said their Flagship wax is still the "Most Premium" product they have for gelcoat.
  12. Coveranything.com. if they have for your boat should be around $700 for the sunbrella. I got one, fits like a glove and tows nice.
  13. It is also much faster utilizing the full dipstick tube rather than the 1/4" tube that snakes down inside the dipstick tube. That takes a lot of pumping.
  14. I have a Michigan Wheel Apollo SS 4 blade with about 10% slip. I believe that's decent from my experience. I have had Michigan Wheel aluminum props in the past. I can't recall specifics but my recollection is that performance was on par with other props I had used.
  15. That hole is to access the bolt for the anode. No problem if missing.
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