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  1. SG Boater

    Bimini Top Hardware

    I'm referring to the towing cover straps. Twisting keeps them from vibrating and leaving marks on the hull as bad. I don't trailer with the bimini up.
  2. SG Boater

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Also works on the straps for full trailer cover. Kept getting rub marks on the hull when I'd trailer with full cover from a couple of the straps. Then the light went off in my head, put a twist in them and they don't move at all. No more marks.
  3. SG Boater

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Sometimes the straps on mine will vibrate at lower speeds. I put a twist in the straps if they do vibrate and it usually eliminates it.
  4. SG Boater

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    I believe all the things that aren't coming on are switched by the key, those that do work are non switched by the key. Ie. lights work without turning key on. I'd do as jd50i says. the key switches do go bad.
  5. SG Boater

    Tilt Guage

    You can unplug the two wires on top of the engine that go from the trim position sender to the gauge and jump them. If the gauge still doesn't move, it's the gauge. My gauge was bad. But, I can't recall if my gauge was pegged in the up position or the down position. Some searching will tell you the likelihood of it being the gauge vs. sending unit based upon gauge position. If trouble shooting points toward the sending unit, can also take it apart and check for corrosion on the contacts. Often it's a broken wire requiring sending unit replacement, but sometimes just the contacts. Replacing the sending unit is a pain, more so on some models.
  6. SG Boater

    removing windshield for garage storage

    I had a '98 1830 on a heritage trailer. It fit with a couple of inches to spare through a std. 7' door, hooked up to my truck. You should be fine under normal circumstances, but any of the above will give a few more inches. I had a separate draw bar with a big drop I used to put mine in it's winter storage location.
  7. SG Boater

    Anchor For the Shift Cable Slipped

    It's not common, but had the exact same thing happen to a boat in our group down at Bull Shoals last year. Shift cable from the helm goes back to engine. There it is coupled to the shift cable that goes to the lower unit. The pin that goes through the eye of one of those two cables came out when it was in forward. So when you went to reverse, it didn't change the gear, just accelerated again. The boat that was with us ran into the cross bracing on the floating dock and bent them, and a little fiberglass damage as well. On my boats there has always been a cotter pin to ensure that pin didn't come out. On the boat in our group, no pin to be found. Either never had it or it fell out. Then the nut just backed off and the pin/bolt dropped. It may not do any good, but I'd look at the connection on another at the dealer and assuming there is a cotter pin, argue they left out something, ie. the cotter pin, and should give some sort of discount on the boat, or ? If not, tell them to take it back and try to sell as new. Worst they can do is say no.
  8. SG Boater

    prop selection help

    All prop recommendations should be qualified that at best, they are an estimate, actual results may differ.
  9. SG Boater

    prop selection help

    Just to further that thought, I had two 18p 4 blade props for my 1830. Can't recall #'s but one was a Mercury Diamond(?) and the other a Vortex. Both got the same speed at a given RPM, but the Mercury would pull much better. I could have 6 full size adults plus coolers and still pull me up rather easily on a tournament slalom and hold 35MPH easily with the Mercury. The vortex didn't pull nearly as well. Can't explain, but some props just work better on some boats. Once you get past the basics, I think props are a lot of trial and error.
  10. SG Boater

    prop selection help

    A 21 pitch prop w/1.62 gear ratio achieving 46 at 5200 RPM's calculates to 28% slip or so. Maybe that is the way they're supposed to run, but that doesn't equate to my experience. My old 1830 w/that 1.62 gear ratio ran 46 w/an 18p 4 blade at 5000 rpms, pretty much the same as my current 210 w/1.62 and 18p 4 blade. 20p 4 blade on current 210 runs a hair over 50 at 5000 RPM's. My other boats had the 1.81 ratio (I believe, been a few years) so not apples to apples, but they too calculated out to around 13-15% slip. There may be nothing wrong per se, but I bet there is a prop that could get him more efficient results.
  11. SG Boater

    prop selection help

    You may not be having RPM spikes, but that still doesn't sound right, 46 mph w/21p prop, 1.62 gear ratio. If you do the math and assume 0 slip, it should do 64mph or so. 0 slip isn't reasonable, but from what i've read and experienced, between 10 and 15 is normal which would put that prop at about low to mid 50's at that RPM. Very true the vortex may not be right for your boat, but doesn't sound like the 3 blade you're using is very efficient either. Unless, your tach is off. You ever find out for sure the setting it s/b on.
  12. SG Boater

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    I can't help with that question, but you may be on to something. Your findings would make more sense with lower RPM's. Someone else s/b able to answer that.
  13. SG Boater

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    If you do the math and assume 13 - 15% slip, you would end up with mid 50's at that RPM. I have a 5.0MPI on a 210, but that's really irrelevant since we're simply discussing RPM's vs speed. So as a comparison, I have the same ratio and with a 4 blade 20 pitch (4 blades are generally a little slower, plus lower pitch), I am at 50 mph at 5000 RPM which is right where I would expect to be. Your speed sounds in line with what I've read for your boat and setup, maybe a few mph slow, but the RPM's sound high for that speed. Your results for the vortex 20P are even more out of whack. a 10 MPH drop is too much for a drop in pitch of 1 alone. Must be something going on, like that prop is ventilating terribly on your boat or something. As a further example, I too swapped in a vortex, although 18P for my normal 20P. Speed dropped by about 4 MPH. Again, about what I'd expect. Your details may be dead on, but look for other things. Perhaps your tach is off, or for some reason your getting ventilation on your props. Kind of sounds like both are ventilating to some degree to give you the high RPM readings you're getting.
  14. SG Boater

    best aluminium 4 blade 4x20 prop

    From your thread, "Current max rpm is 5200 doing 46mph with only two people on board." This with a 1.62 gear ratio and a 21p 3 blade. Those results are not what I would expect, but I've never been in one of the newer Chaparral's so could be fine.
  15. SG Boater

    5.0 mercruiser alarm and heat issue

    Mine also has 5.0MPI and always runs at 170 - 175. From what I've read, that's not uncommon. It never gets over 175, but no alarm. You sure it's the temp alarm going off?