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  1. Tomnjo, sent you a pm. The old boat is still in the garage, likely there till spring when the selling market improves. So the old one is still on the side where I want to eventually want to slide this one. For now, it's just backed straight in. A little tight to fit my Truck in there with both boats, but it goes. Jeep fits easily so that's probably what will live in that garage this winter..
  2. It took a while till schedules matched, but finally hooked up with the seller and brought home the maroon and white '05 210 from TN (KY Lake). Thanks for all the help. I'll have more questions down the road and will be looking into a couple mods shown here, ie. easily removable bench seat, hatches in the consoles, etc. Unfortunately this one doesn't have the snap on covers which isn't too bad, got a full custom cover for trailering before I went down (good thing, rained all the way home), but I will miss the bow cover. If anyone has some time to kill over the winter and cares to trace their bow cover onto a sheet or something I can use as a pattern, let me know. Unfortunately, can't get the OEM ones anymore and I'd have to take it somewhere to have one made, unless I can supply a pattern. Thanks again.
  3. My current ski locker now isn't much smaller, 17x32 opening, about 25" wide below the lip. But only 9" deep at the center, so it's not deep enough to angle the slaloms or wakeboard into it without the boots getting caught at the front. Both slalom and wakeboard boots are 10" tall. I will miss my underseat storage though, 71x9.5" opening, 74x15 inside. Sounds like the ski locker should work though. This a.m. while doing some research I came across your thread where you put the access doors in the consoles. One of the pics came up on google, but they're deleted from this site. How much room is actually in those consoles? They don't look that deep. thx.
  4. "You can slide skis way forward and keep the wakeboards in the back." This solves my dilemma, the fact that a wakeboard and skis could be stored in there. '07 and newer is like your picture, that white "door" or step flips up. The only pic i've been able to find of '05 still has the seat, or pad, in place, but it appears it's carpeted underneath so not sure if it flips up to provide full width access. If not I could modify, but based upon what you said, won't need to. "TBH, storing skis under my bench would be a challenge". That surprises me. I store 3 tournament slaloms with full double boots and my spare prop under the seat in my 1830. Boots are too tall to even fit in my ski locker so good thing. My short top, the one that connects to the windshield, is in there too (only used once in 14 years since have a bimini). If I took that out could get a 4th slalom in there. Down side is everyone has to get up every time we switch skis. But anyhow, problem solved. thx.
  5. No good way to get there, but 3 1/2 hours is better than the 7 hours to AR (It was actually in Fort Smith AR, right on the OK border.) My initial reservations on this one were no tarps and I don't believe the bench seat is open all the way across on an '05 like it is on the earlier or later model years to allow for storing ski's there. But I can get tarps/covers and can modify the seat easy enough if I need to. Color isn't too bad either.
  6. I only got one estimate, but from all I've heard, he's good. He admitted it's very hard to tell from the pictures, but said I should be prepared for $2K to make it look like new. He also had concern of the torn loose keel guard. Could be from delamination, or a hard hit? Almost impossible to tell since you can't see under it, and can't inspect from inside the boat. Doesn't look like a hard hit, but ??? Regardless, $2K is too big a ticket. Time to move on. Talking to the one in TN that Tomnjoe posted the link to.
  7. Was out last week and surprisingly the water was nice. Skiing was awesome with no other boats. Wedding this weekend so doubtful. The owner said most of his boating was done at Lake Ouachita in North Central AR. I've never been there but want to some day. Supposed to be one of the prettiest and clearest lakes in the US, water visibility 30-40'. Looks like I'd want to stay away from the shores though. I would assume it's not going to be hard to fix. But that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be expensive. I'll find out though when the shop calls with an estimate.
  8. If it's near or under a thousand, pretty sure he'd do it. I don't know if he'd knock off more than that to satisfy my OCD. I'm sure there are buyers out there that wouldn't even worry about it. But never had a scratched up boat and don't want to start now. Trying to get him to give a straight on pic of the keel where the keel guard ends. If it's clean there, I'll be satisfied it's minimal and easily fixed.
  9. Following one of Brick's comments, I'm getting an estimate to repair the scuffs/damages on the keel of the one I posted a pic of. Seller said he'd knock it off asking price if it was reasonable. I've never had gelcoat repairs done so no idea what the cost will be. The attached pic is about a 1' of the bottom. Best I can tell the scuffs/gouges extend about 4', both sides about from the keel guard to about 8" up. Good news is seller is original owner and he had dealer install keel guard prior to him getting so there shouldn't be any hidden damage (unless he really hit something hard), and the keel guard took the brunt of the damage. From what i can tell, only damage is to the flat surface before it gets to the first chine which I assume would make repairs eaiser. I don't know if they extend past the bunk so don't know if have to take off the trailer. Anyone care to offer up an estimate?
  10. If the above tricks fail or prove to be too much of a pain, which they probably will, I believe I could probably back it into place using my garden tractor, ie. back in with the truck at an angle, use a floor jack to lower the tongue onto the garden tractor and use it to pivot the tongue over. Wouldn't be too bad, the tractor is right there in that garage anyhow. Last resort is to simply back in straight and lose one car space but I'll exhaust the other options first. I'm just spoiled now since I've been able to fit the single axle trailer and two vehicles in there.
  11. I go down and cross the Chester bridge. When the river is down, pretty sharp angle getting off/on the ferry so might drag. We used to have a harbor/marina in Ste. Genevieve. Back then the Kaskaskia was packed on the lower end, from mile marker 11 to the lock and up the Mississippi to Ste. Gen. But they built the marina perpendicular to the river on the lower side of miles of fields that flood nearly every year. Guess where all that washed away top soil goes. 20 years ago the marina was 20' deep. Last time I put in was early 2000's and I churned up mud. Now it's nothing more than a creek. shame. I may not be able to maneuver any tandem trailer like I'm thinking. But I read all those guys saying they did it on the internet, so it has to be true, right?
  12. PS, I appreciate everyone's input. I'm looking into so gelcoat repair.
  13. Actually, no ramp on MO side near me that you can put a runabout in at so we put in at the Corps of Eng. ramp at the lock to the Kaskaskia. I'm lucky if I pass more than 5 or 6 boats between the lock and Evansville at milemarker 11, even on a holiday weekend. We usually run up to New Athens, and though not bad, the boat traffic is a 100 times worse north of Evansville than it is miles 0-11. I actually found several ideas to move a tandem trailer: drop the tongue low enough the rear axle lifts, put the back set of wheels on plastic, get those little wheel dolly's and put under one set of wheels, and of course the motorized dollys. I was surprised to find lots of discussion on the topic. They say all the above works, I've not tried any of them. Just hoping at this point. 26.7 fits by 2', but assuming i could get it over there, i'm allowing a little wiggle room in the back to maneuver it is position,and then wouldn't be able to open man door more than about 1/2 way. Lots of thoughts going through my mind.
  14. Saw that 220 but leaning towards the 210 model because: I assume the 210 has a better skiing wake than 220 (we ski a lot); the narrow ski locker on the 220 means unless I get a tower, wakeboard and kneeboard will be laying around; garage is 32' wide, 18' garage door to one side. The other side of the garage connects to the house via breezeway so access is indirect through the garage door. Current boat, and I hope the 210, gets backed in at a 45 into the garage adjacent to the breezeway, then just move the tongue over so I still have spaces for two cars straight inside the garage door. I wouldn't be able to do that with 220. The extra 1 1/2' or so would make it so the mandoor won't open, if I could squeeze it over. The 220 gets my vote on several other features though. I may have to think more about getting some gelcoat work done. I wish there was someone local. Tomnjoe, most of our boating is at Lake Kincaid, occasionally go up the Kaskaskia River, and spend a full week at Bull Shoals every year with a long weekend at BS thrown in there as well. Never go up towards St. Louis to boat, I like smooth water.
  15. It was AR, still planning on looking at the Memphis one. Regardless, I was very appreciative. I do all my maintenance, so the ease of maintenance on the 204 or 220 definitely is in my thoughts, but other issues leading me to the 210. With respect to the 210 in AR, I know next to nothing about gelcoat repair. I've only done small chips. What I've done is grind it down to the fiberglass or very near, and refill. My assumption is this is how it would have to be done, whether it be a big or small area. From his beaching on rocks, there are 100's of scratches and gouges, all in the gelcoat, nothing through. The damaged area is from the keel up 8-10" each side for at least a couple feet along the length. I assumed this was too much of an area to grind away, and way too many to fill individually, and it would cost a fortune. Brick, how wrong am I? I know many wouldn't give this a second thought, but the OCD in me would drive me nuts. (I can see myself in my 19 year old 1830 keel)