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  1. SG Boater

    Engine Hatch

    Don't feel like you have to put something there unless you don't like the look. I took it out of our old 1830 and our current 210SSI. No noticable difference in noise or heat.
  2. SG Boater

    Engine Hatch

    I have an '05 210SSI. I don't think it's too much different in weight than yours. The trusses in my shop are exposed. I put a couple ratchet straps over the truss and around the bottom of the hatch when open. Then i disconnected the gas struts, stood the hatch straight up and tightened the straps to keep vertical. Undid the hinge bolts, gave the ratchet straps a few more clicks and then pulled the boat out from under it. Easy then for 2 guys to lower and much easier to work on when out of the boat laying on the ground. Not sure your set up will allow you to do the above.
  3. Do the drive showers provide as much benefit when trolling? My drive generally stays pretty clean when I'm running. Mine usually only gets the residue when I'm somewhere with a fair amount of time spent in no wake zones. What company is Chuck with?
  4. The speedo pickup is built into the outdrive on Gen 2 so having a separate one could indicate that it's not Gen 2, or they completely plugged it up. Check serial numbers.
  5. RV antifreeze is nontoxic so come spring you can just stick boat in water and start pumping the nontoxic TV antifreeze into the lake. Shouldn't do that with automotive. I use automotive but start in my driveway in spring. Antifreeze soaks into the gravel driveway.
  6. The reason the bimini anchors are on the windshield frame rather than in front of it is so that you can put in the "window" that zips to the bimini and snaps to the window frame. If you relocate the strap anchors to the fiberglass you wouldn't be able to use that window. It is nice to have when you get caught in a storm far from dock.
  7. Looked in the '98 brochure I had previously downloaded. Auto system was std on sport seating, optional on std seating on the ssi's of '98.
  8. I think my 1830 had 5. 2 furthest right were cockpit light and misc (extra, not hooked to anything).
  9. I believe it was an option. My 1st 2 boats didn't have the auto system (not Chaparrals). My 3rd, a Chap 1830 did have it. Current 210SSI doesn't have the auto system.
  10. Possibly to replace the longer rear support poles so that the bimini can be partially laid down for towing? I had a short set for towing on my old boat because the bimini wouldn't lay flat, rested against fiberglass.
  11. Believe it or not, siding cleaner worked awesome in my bilge. Mixed it in a garden sprayer with a telescoping wand, then rinses with hot water in the sprayer. Got it all clean with about a quart and since hot water dried immediately.
  12. That looks exactly like my oil drain hose.
  13. I was actually able to pull someone up barefoot from a deep water start with the 5.0.
  14. I have a 5.0 in a 210 SSI. It's about 400 lbs lighter than a 220 SSI so factor that in, but the 5.0 is plenty for my boat. I run a 20 pitch 4 blade SS prop and easily pulled 2 slalom skiers up on tournament skis. I don't even feel a wakeboarder back there when pulling them up. a slalom skier on a tournament ski is much harder to pull up. I actually watched and didn't break 3000 rpm last time I pulled a wakeboard up. That isn't because I was lugging it, just doesn't take much to get them up. In short if wakeboarding is your goal, I don't think it will be a problem. I too would have preferred a 5.7 but none could be found. However I haven't been disappointed.
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