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  1. I have a fumoto drain valve on all my vehicles, but agree I'm not sure it serves much use in a marine application when you can pump out all the oil quicker than releasing the valve and letting it drain. But if you are happy with it that's all that matters!
  2. Our newly acquired 220 has a slight floor squeak around the starboard floor area in front of drivers seat. Is this common or a concern? I did read that these boats have wood construction.
  3. They arent for me, but the wife. She loads the boat, so whatever she says goes. More so looking at recommendations for brands or types.
  4. The admiral has requested we add trailer guides to our 220 SSI trailer. We had them on our other boat but they were flimsy. What guides are you all using that you would recommend?
  5. No, not "duh". I see numerous new boaters start with doing a reprop.
  6. So we're in the process of purchasing a 220 SSI. On water test boat was only maxing at 4400 rpms at 48mph. Boat tech said boat felt sluggish (felt fine to me) and pulled plugs. They were black. He suggested a tune-up. After tune up boat is hitting 5200rpms at 53mph. I never thought there'd be that much of an improvement with a fuel injected engine. I say that to say this. If you feel like your boat has lost a step over the years or repropping might be an optional, start with a tune up!
  7. Thanks for the info fellas
  8. The 220 SSI tandem trailer has a 4 pin harness. My old boat trailer has a 5 pin. To my understanding with a 4 pin the trailer brakes will not lock with the harness is disconnected from the vehicle. Is this correct?
  9. I think the thread has gone off topic. I'm not financing the boat.
  10. Update. Boat passed inspection. Drive was pulled, bearings and bellows all looked great. Compression was between 190-200 on all cylinders. During sea trial boat maxed at 4400 rpms at 48mph. Mechanic said the boat was in need of a tune up, as the plugs were black. He said the boat felt sluggish. To me it felt great, as it snapped me back in my seat when getting on plane. However I'm used to our rinker 192 with a lot less power. He said the tune up would go along way and would likely gain a few rpms. He recommended repropping if tune up didn't make a difference. Current props are 26p. The props are the same that came with the boat in 2004 and the current owner has never repropped during ownership with no complaints with current set up.
  11. I have arranged for the boat to he dropped off at the local Chap dealer. They will do a thorough inspection and sea trial (pull drive, compression test, ect). Is there anything else I should be aware of, or anything you would suggest asking the owner of the boat?
  12. I already have my eye on a few and I haven't even bought the boat yet. Gatorstep flooring, wide band black on the side, led interior lights, ect ect.
  13. Generally, I'm the same way. In this case the 350 for me doesn't offset the 5-6k premium people are asking for them in my 300 mile search radius. (19 deer for this one owner excellent condition boat I'm looking at vs 23-25 deer for others with the 350.) Love the thought of the bigger motor, but I don't think it's something I'll beat myself up over when we are out enjoying the boat.
  14. To revive this thread a little bit I am close to purchasing this 2004 220 SSI. It has all options available for this year. I feel that i have negotiated a good price. Can anyone give me a reason NOT to buy it? Anything with the 220 that was problematic? I feel the 220 has aged well and has not really aged as far as looks and options.