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  1. The seams hve split in some spots and I want to redo them so water doesn't leak below floor. I am removing mold and mildew from seams with spray 9. Hoping that the bleach will provide a clean surface for the new caulk to adhere to.
  2. I'm going to recaulk around floor and dash. Is it necessary that I get a marine silicone or is regular waterproof interior silicone for bathroom sufficient? Recommendations?
  3. There are a million products out there that serve this purpose, but for those looking for a product to apply in between buffs, the 303 quick detailer and 303 spray wax works wonderfully. The boat was buffed in Nov and has been in covered storage. Rather than doing a complete wash down, I used the quick detailer first and it knocked off all the dirt that had settled over the winter and cleaned really well while providing a nice slick surface. I then applied the spray wax, which the bottle says is good for 90 days. I'm hoping it will last a little longer since I store indoors. Just a little review of one of the many detailing products out there. Plus they were cheap.
  4. Looks good. I've thought about cutting my own but i really like the look of the finished edge.
  5. I was partial to gatorstep since I used them on my last boat, but i have decided to do only the swim platform and the transom walkthrough. Looked up both on their site and seadek is actually $300 cheaper. Was blown away by that. It looks like Gatorstep has significantly raised their prices in the last year.
  6. What year is your Boat? I had read previously where someone had to fill in the chap logos on the platforms with marinetex so the intentions didn't show through. On mine i have the logo on the first platform underneath the ski hook, right in the middle. Where your seadek is split in the middle i would be able to see the chap logo underneath.
  7. Question about the seadek on the swim platform. Does the large chaparral logo embossed on the swim platform show through the seadek?
  8. Other folks can chime in that know more than me, but look into running an ACR (auto charging relay) and it might solve the issues you have. I'd also make sure your starting battery provides the correct cranking amps your motor require. When i bought my boat the wrong battery was installed (too small) and it had a very difficult time turning over.
  9. New to us 220 ssi and I'm torn on what to do with the carpet. The back is peeling so I've got a few options. Carpet itself is in good shape, so I can recoat the rubber backing. I can replace with a new set of carpets or I can go with the seadeck/gatorstep/Eva foam floor. I had Gatorstep installed on our last boat, but sold it literally the day after it was installed, so we didn't get a chance to enjoy it. I like the idea of being able to remove the carpet, but i also like the idea of easy maintenance from the Eva foam flooring. Why did you stick with carpet or why did you make the switch to seadek?
  10. Looks like I might need to get on the bazooka train as well. Previous owner installed all new JL audio speakers be JL. I'll have to figure out if the amp can handle a sub as well.
  11. Great spot, thanks
  12. Previous boat had a designated trash bin. Just curious where you 220 ssi owners put your trash receptacles.
  13. Correct, it doesn't work at all
  14. Stereo next to the steering wheel is not working. The controls at the swim platform work fine. For those of you with this issue at the radio or with the actual switch. Trying to figure out where I need to start. I'd upload a photo of my control but apparently image is too large.
  15. I was quoted $1500 from a local canvas shop using premium sunbrella. Still waiting on other quotes but that sounds fair.