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  1. Excellent information Curt! Looks like the Amazon one is a red or a green and mine is a center mounted with both colors so I'll go withe the Cecil Marine. I'll update with the final outcome.
  2. Hello, I have a 2008 190 SSi. The bow navigation light lens finally dried out and cracked when someone (ok, maybe it was me) sat on it. I'd like to get the same light (or even the lens) because the hull is molded in that area so it really requires a fixture of that size and shape. I did put a smaller cheap Attwood in place for now but would like to go back with the original. I'm guessing this fixture was probably used across the SSi family, and maybe over a few years. There is no name or markings on it. Can anyone suggest where to find a replacement? Maybe someone knows the
  3. I was incorrect on one thing: the "plastic" thin lining is against the underside of the canvas, not against the vinyl. the soft side is against the vinyl. Its still a good to very good cover. If I could source the lining I'd have it sewn by a shop around here. the challenge is knowing what to call it when doing an online search.
  4. Hello, my 2008 SSi came with the factory canvas set up including the mooring cover, all of it labeled Taylor Made. The back third of the cover, which comes into contact with the sunpad, has a white lining sewn onto/into it. the lining is a fabric that has a thin plastic coating, and this coating is what ends up laying on the sunpad. I'm guessing the purpose is to prevent any black from the black canvas cover bleeding into the white vinyl of the sunpad. after 10 years, this lining has basically fallen apart in a bunch of flakes and chunks. any one else experience this and address
  5. And we have a winner: Soft Scrub with Bleach, $2.99 at the local grocery store. Stuff worked the nuts. I was stunned by how quickly and completely it removed the stains. I did buy the Star Brite "Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover" and it did nothing on these particular stains. Thanks to all for the suggestions.
  6. Ya think?! I tried the baking soda this morning with a toothbrush. Did very well, however I have a lot of stains to do and not a lot of time until the boat gets wrapped Thursday (and this pesky thing called a 'job' getting in the way of this project). For one or two small stains the baking soda is probably good enough. So, I may try the Star Brite Fiberglass Stain Remover as it comes in a spray bottle and I can spray both platforms and then scrub like mad with a brush. I'll report back with final results.
  7. OK, so turns out I have a little issue with stains on my swim platform from leaves. I sprayed down the platform with Star Brite Deck Cleaner, scrubbed it, let it sit a couple hours, sprayed some more and scrubbed some more, and got all the dirt off but stains from the leaves remained. So, I hit it with West Marine oxalic acid per the instructions and scrubbed it and the stains remain. This is disappointing. Any other suggestions? Part of the problem is that the platform is textured, but even the smooth part has stains that haven't come off.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Fortunately its not mold, it's just black dirt. Walmart in this area doesn't carry much in the boat supplies department, however there is a West Marine in town, so I may try the Star Brite cleaner first.
  9. So the big southeaster blew threw the northeast last weekend and left my '08 SSi swim platforms a wreck from the leaves and the airborne dirt (plus of course the rain). About to have the boat wrapped for the long winter's nap. Any suggestions on how best to get the platform clean? I've got good brushes to scrub with, just need the right solution or product suggestion. Thanks!
  10. I've considered moving the roller assemblies out, however I think that the hull is thinner and theoretically 'weaker' the further you get from the keel. If that is accurate, I don't want to create a different problem, say, cracked gelcoat on my hull. Really have to think about that one. I may move one, as TNBrett suggested. unfortunately, this annoying responsibility called my job is cutting into my trailer work...
  11. Thanks. I'm loving the old HD Panasonic handheld. You may be right on the trailer. It's a lot quieter now, less rattling. I'm going to take one more shot at adjustments.
  12. That's part of the problem. How to get more weight on one roller? Actually the one right behind it is worse you can't see it because of angle of camera.
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