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  1. TahoeThor

    Vortex 243

    Firstly, thanks to all three for the feedback. i would expect some degradation in horse power from the altitude but what I think has happened is the electronically governed break-in period has for some reason never kicked off. Pretty sure the super chargers have never activated. There has been zero increase in power from hour 1 to hour 20, was told to expect a boost in power after 8 hours. I read of someone else having the same issue and it turned out to be a software problem. The Medallion Viper II seems to have a ghost in the machine. Will have the dealer scan it next week and hopefully find an answer. I sure wish Chap had a customer service line for these types of questions. Do they even check these forums? Thanks again, T
  2. TahoeThor

    Vortex 243

    I have over 20 hours on my 2017 Vortex and the max RPMs have never increased since day 1. I am getting 5600-5800 out of twin 200s with a max speed of 30-31 mph. Called my dealer today and he claimed that was typical for the elevation at Tahoe (6,200 feet). My research shows differently. any advice?