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  1. how does the sea-dek look
  2. Does anyone know the size of the bulb that is in the cabinet in front of the helm? I am not near my boat to check and I cannot find a solid reference chart to confirm. I noticed it was burnt out and forgot to pull it out before I left the lake house. Thanks in advance
  3. I am adding a second battery and went to cut a hole in my panel to accept the relay switch. My bit came loose off the drill press and caused a larger hole then intended. Now I would like to replace the panel so it looks like original. I called Chaparral and they wanted $1k for the panel. I know a company that makes panels like this but would need the CAD or some more exact measurments for them to cut a new panel. Question is where the heck would I find those specs. All I can find is a the height and width specs, but thats all. I am looking for the specs of the fuse holes and what not. I can get the specs of the relay and battery selector from Blue Sea website but not the other holes. Any advise
  4. I read this on other forums and tested that theory on mine, but after a full day of use and as much sun shine on the gauge while on the water I found the gauge cleared up near the end of the day which leaves my annoyed all day
  5. I was considering the bag of rice idea. It seems if there is moisture in the gauge then the seal is broken already so what would the concern about the nitrogen.
  6. Is there a certain gauge/interface I have to look for when pairing up with a VP set up?
  7. I have a 2010 224 Sunesta, it has the square gauges and 3 out of 4 gauges are fogging up and the only gauge that is annoying is the tachometer as I use that the most with fine tuning the RPM when towing the kids. The tach has the info display so another useful display I would like to see clearly. I know replacing the gauge is expensive and I have been reading that the gauge is basically just a bad design. What other gauges can I swap these out with while retaining all the engine management info? I dont mind if I have to modify the help to convert the square gauge to circle but not sure what circle gauge will work with the Volvo Penta computer. I might remove the gauges this winter and see what can be done to try and reseal them
  8. I know and I apologize for the lackof the picture. I was hoping someone with a similar vessel would know and chime in
  9. I was thinking more how does the piece of material that the remote attaches to how is that attached to the boat. The swim platform isnt my bigger concern as I hope the new remote face is large enough to cover existing hole. The helm remote is the one I am concerned about. How would the plastic piece detach from the helm. I would like to take that piece and fab up a way to angle up the remote for better visibility reasons. My boat is located in a different state so its not easy to answer my own questions. I am trying to ask question prior to me leaving next month to modify the stereo and winterize my boat Thank you in advance for all the info
  10. Hello forum, just picked up a new boat to me...2010 224 Sunesta. I want to add a second battery and replace the stereo already. Before I go digging I wanted to ask if anyone knew how to remove the Clarion remotes at the helm and the swim platform. I want to remove the plate so I can fab up a new mount for the Fusion stereo I will be adding.