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  1. Scot

    engine hesitation

    The Dealer did run a diagnostic and a few other tests on fuel pressure. The engine light (red and yellow lights) came on and an audible beep sounded each time it occurs. They made a few calls to Chaparral and at this point everyone is guessing. I am going to start with the basics and work my way back from there. Thanks for the advice and suggestions. I was hoping this had happened to someone else on this forum and it would be an easy fix. I will keep you updated as I go and hopefully find the solution before it gets too cold and I have to winterize the boat.
  2. Scot

    engine hesitation

    I have a 2010 Sunesta 224 with the Volvo 5.0 270 hp engine that has a hesitation in the engine at initial throttle and again at cruising speed. Just replaced the crank position sensor and the cam position sensor at the advice of the local chaparral dealership. Any advice on other possible causes. Dealership is recommending replacing entire wiring harness.