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    Prop Recommendation Thread

    Hull is clean, Can't find from Chaparral what the proper/recommended prop is for the setup and Engine rebuild was due to a Marina mechanic who changed out my camshaft., he did a poor job and didn't seal a gasket putting 4 quarts of oil in my bilge, 3 hours later it seized. The rebuild has been to 3200 at 3/4 throttle so I plan on opening it up this coming weekend.
  2. Spinelli

    Prop Recommendation Thread

    I've tried contacting Chaparral several times in the last 9 months but can't seem to get an answer from them or the Chaparral Dealer here in Upstate NY. I have a 94 Signature 24 with a rebuilt 5.7 Mercruiser Bravo2. During the life of the boat the prop has been changed so I have no idea of what the original prop was. I'd like to find that out. It's time for a new prop, the tip is missing from an old repair on this one and I'd like to replace it.the numbers on the prop are 411 811 922. My top speed before the rebuild was 25MPH at 3500RPM. Still breaking the mew motor in so all I"ve had it up to is 3000 RPM topping out at 20MPH. Any suggestions on where to turn?
  3. Spinelli

    Off-Season Upgrades

    Oh the list... New Anchor line & chain the old one is like a steel bar, New GPS, Chart depthfinder New VHS, with hailer/Loud speaker Spot light Battery upgrade Some motor work New zincs Marine head upgrades/ repairs I think I should have started last month.
  4. Spinelli

    Battery selection

    JUst bought my boat and looking at the batteries, one of them is a year old, not sure of the age of the second, they are both Deep Cycle batteries. MY question is am I better off with one deep cycle and one starter. I'll probably replace one of the batteries in the spring but just wanted to start thinking about it now.