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  1. Hello from Florida. One thing I have noticed is that a lot is said in this post about engine CID or horsepower, small block VS big block, etc. However not much is said about props used in any of these combos. Let me explain. I am trying to find out [Even Chaparral could'nt come up with a definitive answer] what set of props came from factory on a 2007/2009 Sig 270 with the 8.1 engine equipped with Volvo-Penta XDP outdrive [yes, the composite one]. I replaced my drive with the new DPS-B drive with the 1.78 drive ratio. Does anyone have an idea of which is the best prop set to use with this combo?
  2. It is nice to be important, but is more important to be nice!
  3. I just spoke to VPA and they advised me the upgrade program has been extended yet again (I don't know 'till when). I'll post the outcome once repairs are completed.
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