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  1. Actually no, the £800 was for the fuel pump assembly for the 5L GXI / 3861355. The e Bay $550 one you directed me to is a different model. The price is so expensive because it's "original manufacturer" Looks like I will have to except the damage to the household budget.
  2. Volvo Penta fuel pump assembly 5 L GXI /3861355
  3. Thanks for that Auggie Bob The actual is "Volvo Penta fuel pump assembly " 5.0 L GXI / 3861355
  4. Thanks for getting back to me Richard. It's a Chaparral 240 signature with the Volvo Penta engine. I have been quoted £800 for the fuel pump and have no idea if that's reasonable or not.
  5. Just bought a chaparral signature circa 2004. Seems it needs a fuel pump can anyone give a ball park figure for cost?