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  1. My Chaparral signature has a problem in that after running perfectly well for hours on end if I turn the engine off it won’t restart. If left for several hours or overnight everything returns to normal ! It was windy on Loch Lomond today and as I reversed into the mooring I accidentally turned off the ignition the wind caught me and blew me across the marina. The engine was turning over but just refused to start eventually I had to be towed by the marina staff back to my berth. The fuel pump has been replaced the fuel is fine can anybody suggest what might be going on?
  2. In Scotland despite being an oil producer we pay pay heavily for gas. The money is lavished on the welfare state hence the reason everyone from 3rd world countries wants to come here. I digress, we pay £1.30 a litre and the consumption seems about right. I haven’t made any detailed analysis yet as I only bought it end of last year. It’s the 5 litres engine what would expect to be getting? The fuel pump had to be replaced and that cost £1300 to supply and fit!
  3. Actually no, the £800 was for the fuel pump assembly for the 5L GXI / 3861355. The e Bay $550 one you directed me to is a different model. The price is so expensive because it's "original manufacturer" Looks like I will have to except the damage to the household budget.
  4. Volvo Penta fuel pump assembly 5 L GXI /3861355
  5. Thanks for that Auggie Bob The actual is "Volvo Penta fuel pump assembly " 5.0 L GXI / 3861355
  6. Thanks for getting back to me Richard. It's a Chaparral 240 signature with the Volvo Penta engine. I have been quoted £800 for the fuel pump and have no idea if that's reasonable or not.
  7. Just bought a chaparral signature circa 2004. Seems it needs a fuel pump can anyone give a ball park figure for cost?
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