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  1. Hi Yes. I am originally from India and currently reside in northern Virginia. I have decided not to put in a windlass for now as we have not yet done any overnighting on the bay and me and my wife are comfortable with anchoring the boat manually. I might change my mind next year when I plan to get more serious on weekend overnight boating. Cheers amar
  2. Thank you cyclops2 . I will definitely keep your recommendations in mind when I purchase my next anchor and windlass.
  3. Thank you Richard. Appreciate it. This is the first time I am seeing a light rated for both under/above water. I will definitely check it out. Best Amar
  4. Thanks Richard. You gave me food for thought. The one I am looking at has an integrated swim platform. Can you share pictures of your mods for the underwater light as that is something I am also interested in doing? Best Amar..
  5. Hi Guys, For a Chaparral 270 is it possible to fix a stern rail ? Where can I purchase one? Can this be a DIY project Or I need to go to a dealer to get it fixed? I have seen something similar for a Signature 310 and want to get the same fixed for the 270. The reason is 2 fold..it keeps my kids safe and away from the prop. Secondly if I have to carry extra fuel on long trips, I can tie two 5 gallon tanks to the stern and have the rail act as a barrier to hold the tanks in place. I am attaching a picture of a Signature 310 as a reference. Cheers Amar
  6. I have recently signed up for purchase of a 2007 270 signature and the sea trail will take place soon. What all do I need to get inspected? The boat has a Volvo with 375 hp with less than 100 hours in it as well as a generator. Best Amar
  7. Hello. Where can I get the service manual for a 2007 chaparral 270 signature that has a volvo penta engine ? I am new to chaparrals, owned a yamaha jetboat before. Best Amar
  8. I have heard that it is not recommended to get a windlass automatic anchor for a Signature for a boat frequently used in the Chesapeake bay or in areas having 2-3 foot waves. The argument against it is that due to the constant movement of the bow the anchor might smash into the boat and damage the hull, compared to a manual anchor that resides in the anchor locker. Is this true ? Me and my wife are debating on whether we should get an automatic anchor for the signature or stick to a manual one Best Amar
  9. Hi. I currently own a Yamaha ar240 Jetboat and am planning to upgrade to a Chapparal signature 250 or 270 possibly 2007-2008 year. I have already started looking around for a boat and my family wants the signature in order to spend overnight in the boat and enjoy the weekends more. I have made the Bimini Bahamas 2017 crossing on my Yamaha and it was rough on the boat. I plan to make the crossing again in 2018. My question is whether the hull will be strong enough to withstand the crossing without breaking up or getting damaged. This will be my first prop boat and your feedback is greatly appreciate. Best Amar
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. Gave me a better understanding. Richard you mentioned about engine idle rpm as 600-700 rpm. Are there any other boundary conditions I need to look for? During the test drive the boat made a respectable 40mph . I ask d the dealer for another test drive but this time I will bring a mechanic for inspection. The boat was in a slip most of the months in a year except when pulled out at end of year when it is winterized. Is this a concern? My apologies as I typically pull my Yamaha jetboat every evening out of the water and onto the trailer when I take it out. Best Amar
  11. Hi. It is a cuddy cabin with a 320 hp engine. I think it is a mercury. It is in brackish water with less than an hour from the salt water. So I am sure that it was used in salt water. The bottom has been painted twice and it is put in a slip most of the time. Thanks.
  12. Hi Everyone. I am in the market to purchase a chaparral and took a 255 SSI for a test drive. I heard a knocking sound (like a single knock that was felt throughout the boat) when the Chaparral is put in reverse when docking the boat. The dealer told me that the noise is common as the propellers stop first before they rotate in reverse. Is this correct? The exhaust manifolds have not been replaced and have been there since the boat was new. The engine has low hours ( less than 150 hours ). Are there any other things I need to look out for before I commit to the purchase? Things to look out for. The boat is 11 years old. My only experience with boats is the yamaha inboard jetboats and this is the first time I am venturing into the propeller world. I would truly appreciate some help and advise in this regard. Best Regards Amar..
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