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  1. Thank you everyone for your input. Gave me a better understanding. Richard you mentioned about engine idle rpm as 600-700 rpm. Are there any other boundary conditions I need to look for? During the test drive the boat made a respectable 40mph . I ask d the dealer for another test drive but this time I will bring a mechanic for inspection. The boat was in a slip most of the months in a year except when pulled out at end of year when it is winterized. Is this a concern? My apologies as I typically pull my Yamaha jetboat every evening out of the water and onto the trailer when I take it out. Best Amar
  2. Hi. It is a cuddy cabin with a 320 hp engine. I think it is a mercury. It is in brackish water with less than an hour from the salt water. So I am sure that it was used in salt water. The bottom has been painted twice and it is put in a slip most of the time. Thanks.
  3. Hi Everyone. I am in the market to purchase a chaparral and took a 255 SSI for a test drive. I heard a knocking sound (like a single knock that was felt throughout the boat) when the Chaparral is put in reverse when docking the boat. The dealer told me that the noise is common as the propellers stop first before they rotate in reverse. Is this correct? The exhaust manifolds have not been replaced and have been there since the boat was new. The engine has low hours ( less than 150 hours ). Are there any other things I need to look out for before I commit to the purchase? Things to look out for. The boat is 11 years old. My only experience with boats is the yamaha inboard jetboats and this is the first time I am venturing into the propeller world. I would truly appreciate some help and advise in this regard. Best Regards Amar..