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  1. k-dubb

    Shims required for 256ssx trim tabs?

    I spoke to Lenco and they also said it needs to be flat and that most installers will use starboard material to make it flat.
  2. Hello, I have my boat at the shop with the Lenco 12x18 trim tabs for install. The back of the boat is curved where the trim tabs go so the mounting plate does not lay flat. In other words the 12x18s are too big. I will be ordering the 12x12s instead, but they say even for those they may need to build a shim of some sort because the boat does not have a very long flat spot on the back for mounting. Did anyone else have trouble finding a flat spot for mounting? I don't recall anyone else having this issue when reading the topics regarding this. 2007 256ssx. However, the boat does have slight curve in the back for sure. Thanks.