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  1. Robo

    2014 H2O Fish and Ski Cushions

    The fancy cushions supplied are to induce the buyer. Every panel that has stitching allows water to leak into the cushion.Chaps cushions have many panels and lousy stitching. If your boat is a wet boat ie, kids in and out soaking wet (like mine) then keep the plastic liner on the foam to keep the water out. We replaced the liner as it had crumpled up making water saturation worse. I will be replacing my back sun pad as the stitching has failed. Chaparral wants nothing to do with replacements which is OK because you can get better pads way cheaper by a reputable upholsterer. Don't get too fancy with design and many panels if you want the cushions to stay dry.I am toying with the idea of putting sea deck on the whole back end to make it drier and easier for my wakeboarders/skiers and swimmers. I have a 2013 19' ski & fish 220 HP with tower. Has anyone done this? I would be interested to hear it.