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  1. This worked for me. Turns out the kid at the dock didn't know what he was doing. I read up on system and went back to show them how. Worked great. Flushed out quickly!
  2. Did you ever resolve this? I have a very similar issue. Went to pump out today for the first time since I purchased boat. Wouldn’t suck out waste but seemed to have a strong vacuum. Also filled very quickly with water when trying to fill through pump out outlet. It’s on a 2002 285ssi. It’s the VHT model.
  3. Thanks for the welcome! So, next day the battery was still showing low but started engine fine. Alarm came on and I shut it down. Switched from battery 1 setting to battery 2 and volts showed and stayed at 13 and alarm went away. I am still looking deeper since the solid alarm seems to be for serious issues.
  4. Newbie Chaparral and this size boat. Have had small inland lake boats and grew up going on boats my whole life, but have never owned one this size. I can from a a 17’ Sugarsand Jetboat. Just took delivery Saturday morning on a 2002 285 SSi. Love this boat! I already have a whole list of questions. Trying to get what I can from owners manual, but not everything is answered there. Or at least I haven’t been patient enough to find it The one I will ask here is cuz it just happened yesterday on my maiden voyage. I don’t know if something is wrong or if I did something wrong. Steady alarm went off underway after maybe an hour of on and off travel. The only thing I noticed was the port engine volts were way down around 9/10. It wasn’t like that on my 1 1/2 hr sea trial, nor was it like that on the complete systems survey I had done las Friday. I Let everything charge overnight and getting ready to go for a ride tobduplicate problem. Any thoughts? Mine first time me was bad alternator/regulator, but I have not seen one go so suddenly without showing signs.