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  1. Does anyone know where to get this easy plastic vent cover for the blower holes on a slc 1900?
  2. I'm for sure gonna give it a flush with the pink stuff. I might as well drain it after it pushes the water out.
  3. Well I took her out for a bit yesterday and she runs like a top. I treated the fuel and let it run through the lines after. I did also notice a puddle when I trimmed the lower unit down so gonna do that each time I bring her in to let it out. I need to see what oil weight the engine uses and pump it out and change it before winterizing. I've heard different about the pink antifreeze. Leave it in or drain it before storing?
  4. Hello All, New boat (third owner new to me) that I'm happy to have in the family. She's a 1992 Chap 1900SLC with 4.3 merc I/O Alpha One. Engine with low miles. Floors seem real solid and hull in great shape. Gonna run a maiden voyage before the cold comes to Texas and then drain n' wrap her up waiting for the spring. Any advice for a guy that's done outboards but never an I/O.? I'm gonna love it.
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