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  1. Joe D

    2003 235SSI loose steering

    I did run the boat after changing both the steering cable and tilt helm and prop work before winterizing. Results??? Steering is tight, almost no slop, that's a plus. However during the bay test down the narrow canal near my mechanic the boat 'wanders' left and right slightly without moving the wheel. I don't really have a base line of how it operated previously, due to the looseness of the steering wheel. With the re conned 26 props, I was able to get 59 MPH at WOT on my navionics app thats a plus also. Some 235SSI owners have reported MPH in the low 60's with the same setup, I guess i'll have to settle for 59 MPH as a top speed. I don't run WOT alot, but its fun to do occasionally. Bottom paint should slow me down a bit too, part of the convenience of keeping it docked at the marina
  2. Joe D

    2003 235SSI loose steering

    I'm having the 26 pitch props reconditioned and maybe I will squeeze a bay test in before it gets too cold with the 26's. Having the steering system including the cable, tilt and helm mechanism replaced for peace of mind, and hopefully an improvement. I have the OEM drive ratio, its 1:81-1?
  3. Joe D

    2003 235SSI loose steering

    Adding to the post with a slight twist. I was asking my mechanic, (whom I trust, experienced and NOT trying to rip me off) about the -in my opinion- abrupt shifting possibly due to slightly high RPM (showing 800 at the tach) at idle and idle in gear. I went with him on a bay test after he recommended changing the 26 Pitch props, which needed recon anyway, to 22 pitch. The scanner confirmed a proper 650 RPM at idle, and the 22 pitch props made the abruptness of the shift a little smoother. At WOT we hit the rev limiter at 4975 RPM. Didn't really get a full MPH reading with the GPS but it was around 53 MPH. (i did 58 MPH on the lake at about 4800 RPM with the dinged up 26 pitch props at time of purchase) The next step after consulting Mercruiser (mechanic did research said the 496 rev limiter should kick in at 5100) and the Prop shop is to cup the 22 pitch props to back off the rev limiter kicking in, and gain a few MPH above the 53 MPH. The boat has no Bottom Paint currently, and the mechanic ran the boat with 24 pitch props and he said it ran like #$%@!. Any thoughts??? I see that Mi3sons is happy with the 24s, and that makes me curious about why the 24s didn't work with my set up. Mi3sons what is you WOT MPH with the 24s???
  4. Joe D

    2003 235SSI loose steering

    Thanks I will have that checked as well, but the mechanic had his head way deep in the bilge while I shook the steering and he saw the play in the cable and cable end 'teeth'. I see that your post shows that your running 24 pitch props. Was that they way the boat was set up new, or did you make a prop change? I have 26 pitch props and run up to 4900 RPM.
  5. Joe D

    2003 235SSI loose steering

    I recently purchased a used 235 SSI with 220 hours on the 496 Magnum Bravo III I/O. The steering is slightly loose and the marina mechanic stated this issue is common due the high torque of the motor causing more than usual wear on the steering cable and it's components. My question is has anyone done the steering cable replacement on a 235 SSI? It seems access to the helm is not so straight forward, and how difficult is it to replace the cable? Thanks