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  1. Gregarious

    Acquiring a 2006 280 Signature

    Yes previously scheduled. However, there is rot and there is rot. Some OK, lots, no good. As in, any limber holes probably have some around the holes but entire stringer shouldn't. Also noted forum post about the need to account for Chaparral use of a barrier resin causing high moisture readings. Interesting. I did a search and didn't find any info on VP OSX drives being installed in that time frame. Most were Merc Duoprops. Apparently, VP engines and drives were an option.
  2. Gregarious

    Acquiring a 2006 280 Signature

    Have a tentative deal on this boat pending a survey and sea trial. It is located Tampa area. Has had 2016 cylinder heads, manifolds and risers for both engines and outdrive bellows and gimbals replaced (or so it says) . Mostly concerned about stringer rot and I have read forums but cant access photobucket pictures and don't see where in my profile I can allow that. So two questions: how to access pics and thoughts about this boat and year. Oh, these are VP 4.2 GXI and OSX outdrives. Which is strange because I thought the drives were XDP for that year.