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  1. Tony k

    New Snap In Carpet Liner Available

    I figured it would be. Thank you!
  2. Tony k

    New Snap In Carpet Liner Available

    Do you you still have the carpet available?
  3. Tony k

    Power steering leak

    I am having to replace my steering ram right now for the same issue. Emptied out into the bilge in about and hour. Awesome.
  4. Tony k

    2006 chaparral 276 ssi

    I am 6'6 and can stand in my 07 256. About an inch to spare.
  5. Tony k

    Towing with ecoboost

    A plan is quite a bit better than x plan. It's for Ford employees and family. That's pretty hard to beat. Better than what I get as a dealership employee.
  6. Tony k

    Towing with ecoboost

    Sanderson. A plan is the same for all dealers, but some can't sell plan members. Happy to help if I can!
  7. Tony k

    Towing with ecoboost

    I tow a 2007 256 ssx with my 3.5 Ecoboost 2015 Expedition and 2018 5.0 F150. Both engines will handle it, but the Ecoboost is definitely stronger. I also sell these trucks and would suggest the Ecoboost if you are towing any hills at all. Max tow on the 2.7 is about 8k in the correct cab and rear axle combo. The 3.5 will tow up to 13200 in a 2wd with a 373 rear axle. But if you are towing that much, I would go with a Super Duty. Good luck on your truck search!
  8. Tony k

    2007 256 ssx top speed

    Thank you for all the input! I just picked it up last month and I am the 3rd owner. It was lift stored by the original owner and trailered by the second. Bottom is clean and no paint. The drive does have a little paint missing from being in the water, but not much corrosion. It was serviced last winter, so I am going to have it all done again this winter. I had a 97 Four Winns 240 Horizon with a 7.4 and seemed like it had better throttle response between 4500 and 5000 rpm. I could get that one over 52 anytime. The Chaparral rides a lot better and is about 900 lbs heavier, so that may be one reason it doesn't feel as quick. Anyways, it's a nice boat and just want a little more top end. Nice to be in a Chaparral again. My dad ordered a new 94 Signature 29 with twin 350s and that was a great boat with zero issues. Thanks!
  9. Tony k

    2007 256 ssx top speed

    I just bought a 2007 256 SSX with a Volvo 8.1 non HO. The tach is showing 5000 rpm and tops out around 47 mph on my phone GPS. I'm at around 1500 ft elevation. Everything I have seen on previous posts and tests were on Mercs and topping out around 56 mph. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks Has F5 props on it now.