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  1. Thank you everyone for your help in winterizing my 256 ssi. I drained the block manifolds, then I pulled big hose off of the thermostat coupler and filled. After I removed the two other hoses and filled them. Garage will be heated next week, but great piece of mind tonight!
  2. I intend to recoat the existing antifouling paint on my hull. I have always used Interlux in the past. But now there are so many varieties of what used to be so simple. Any ideas? Also my stern drive needs sanded and coated, I expect to prime and paint. Your thoughts? My boat is a 2006 Chaparral 256 SSI. The outdrive is matched to the 5.7 GXI VP.
  3. K. Volvo Penta 5.7. Totally serviced outdrive and bellows this week.
  4. Hi, is their a link that woud provide me with a proper and safe winterization for the 256ssi? I get the normal parts, but I saw mention of a forum supported fogging cocktail. I am interested in that. Also, do I need to remove the props for the winterization process? It was not necessary for my twin inboard. Are there forum favorite brands for stabilization of fuel? Do products like MMO help? Lastly, should I crack an exhaust manifold loose to check for issues before winterizing? Will removing the exhaust manifold in any way foul the process?
  5. Thanks for the info. Sounds good.
  6. Thank you t84a. I will look them up.
  7. I forgot to mention the boat has been run in salt, and lift stored.
  8. Thanks drewm3i. Good news.
  9. Thanks for the welcome Toddler. I have the Volvo Penta, 5.7, claims to be 320 hp., with Bravo 3 style outdrive.
  10. I read a forum somewhere that indicated Chaparral hulls can hold water internally. I understand the list this boat may have, due to how the tanks are located. But the surveyor said moisture was noticed with his moisture meter when he hit the inside, bottom of the hull surface. I was hoping this is not a real issue.
  11. I do not know if I am responding correctly by pushing quote. If not, please someone correct me. Thanks Wingnut. I absolutely will adhere to your advise. I will not order till inspection. Where do you find SS manifolds and risers?
  12. Thanks Soldier. Yes I did that. I looked at the brand you purchased. Was hoping for confirmation that the aftermarket was a good match. Thanks so much for your input.
  13. Hey friends. I am a new owner of a 2006 256 SSI. She has 150 hours. Survey says she is due for manifolds and risers. I have engaged the marina to service the outdrive and replace and upgrade the bellows. Please recommend a vendor that may provide the parts I need for the manifold/riser and associates gaskets/bolts etc. Side note, boat rides heavy, yes, I know it is a 5200 lb beast. Hole shot was very good, no drag, straight out. I am scared by the hull water issues I have heard about. Any quick ways to know what's up? Sorry, always blamed for saying too much.