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  1. dmkcpa

    Aft Bilge

    Discovered that pump is actually running, so I tried to mess with lower float switch, but could not stop pump. Shut off pump at breaker. Now it would seem float switch is bad. Doesn't look like an easy change down there between two big engines. Thoughts?
  2. dmkcpa

    Aft Bilge

    I have a 2013 Sig 330 and the LED light on the helm switch is on. Does this mean the bilge pump sb running? And if it's not is this mean the pump is probably bad? Dave
  3. I believe it has twin 350s. Its a 2012 327 SSX
  4. Just bought a 2012 327 SSX and can't locate an engine hour meter. Looked all through the digital display including "set up" screen. Any help?
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