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  1. Foy

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    I put a Garmin 942 with a 18” xHD dome on my Signature 290. I use it for navigation An radar till I can get a transducer. The radar will show fish jumping out the water. Love it.
  2. Foy

    Signature Owners and Water Leak

    I have the same boat. Yes mine leaked here too. Was the windows. I put dielectric grease ( not much) on the rubber seals. No leaks in 3 years. Spraying water on the windows an checking at the same time.
  3. Had about the same thing on my signature 290. 4.3 vortex mpi. Diagnosis check on the computer showed no codes or faults. After swapping all parts out on one engine to the other still no help. I found that the distributor bearing were shot An letting the distributor shaft move up an down. Gears were worn bad on the distributor. Replaced the distributor an it solved the problem. Engine had 282 hours. Good luck
  4. Foy

    Kohler Generator Questions

    Yes like mpm330 says. It a smart system. Keep the water strainer to the pump clean an you will love this generator.
  5. Foy

    Kohler Generator Questions

    I have one in my Signature 290. Factory told me they run 200 degrees An love it. Water discharge is like mine. Factory said it’s not a solid stream. Keep a good radiator cap on an the recovery tank at the proper level. You don’t want the cooling water antifreeze side to get on air because it’s a mess getting the air out. I know because when i bought my boat all the antifreeze was out.
  6. I have a signature 290. V6 vortex MPI. Bad $^& vapor lock in hot weather. Good gas. Idle 5/6 min before shut down no good. Vapor locks. So I installed a electric fuel pump 4 to 7 lbs pressure in the line coming out of the tank to the engine. Sorta like a boost pump. Wired to the key switch. I let this pump run about 20 seconds before trying to start the engine. Knock on wood no vapor lock so far. Bought another electric pump set up for the port engine tonight. Will install next week. Will it solve my vapor lock problem? So far so good but I got to keep trying something cause nothing else helps except opening the engines hatch an waiting an hour or better.
  7. Foy

    Merc 350 mag Surging/Popping @2800/3000 rpms

    Mine did this. Bad bearing in the distributor an the gear on the bottom of the distributor wore real quick. Just take the cap off an make sure you don’t have a lot of up an down play or counter an clockwise play. The housing are plastic crap an cheap bearings
  8. Foy

    Cooler recommendations

  9. Foy

    2006 330 Signature Engine Mount Cracks

    Are you buying this boat to enjoy riding an boating or are you going to buy it an spend many hours working on it. Me. I would pass this one up.. yes it can be fixed without pulling the engines but lots of work. Keep looking if you want a boat to ride in.
  10. Foy

    2004 Chap Signature 290 vapor Locks

    Thanks for the info Ran-Man.
  11. Foy

    Cooler recommendations

    I spent the Money an bought an ARB 37 quart refrigerator/freezer. Runs on 12/24 or 110v. It will get your drinks cold fast an plenty of room cause you don’t need ICE. Love mine.
  12. Foy

    2004 Chap Signature 290 vapor Locks

    Thanks Wingnut. Foywright@att.net
  13. Any one have a 2004. (2of them) 4.3 vortex MPI that vapor Locks. Engines run perfect. New 160 degree thermostats. But when you shut them down an 20 minuets later they try to start they idle bad for about 10 seconds an quit. Throttle makes no change. When they cool off they start/run fine. Seem heat related in the engine compartment but it is very inconvenient. Rather it’s terrible.
  14. Foy

    2004 chaperrel 290 engine bogs bad

    Just got back to the forum. The temp on both engines run 175 degrees. That is on the gauges. I will use a infrared temp reader the next time I go out an let you know. So glad my boat is now running great.
  15. Foy

    2004 chaperrel 290 engine bogs bad

    The new distributor has the same manufacturer numbers as what is installed in both engines. The replacement i bought came with a cap an rotor.. But I installed the Mercrusier cap an rotor i had previously bought from a marine dealer. I checked the other engines distributor an it has NO wobble in the shaft, no up an down play or counter or clockwise play. I don’t know why this distributor did this. Guess plastic parts they use now... oh well. Also one of the clues that help me find this was the flat metal part in thr middle of the rotor was bent all the way down to the plastic rotor itself. I really hope no one else has this problem. Thanks.