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  1. Ok. Any one wants to know what was wrong with this engine in this boat. When a mercury dealer hook to computer to it. No faults. Every thing fine. But now i found the problem.. wasn’t a big one but a catastrophe could have occurred if it was ran much more. ANYONE WANT TO KNOW?
  2. Going to get it diagnosed next week. A guy with the program an laptop promised he come an do it. 10 mile drive for him an I showed him 2 $100.00 bill that be his if he just come an let’s hook it up an see what it reads. There is no mariners or repair shop close with equipment to check this an I hated to pull this big boat 300 miles or better.
  3. Getting to this engine is hard to do. But that what in my mind. Going to check compression after all electrical connections are checked. I have the boat at home in my shop. The marina here has a scanner but they say it will do good an they have Hay to cut an hall. I post compression soon
  4. Swapped tank pickups. No change. Swapped out the anti syphon ball valve. Will check elec connection today. Flame arrestor is clean.
  5. My boat has twin 4.3 mpi. The starboard engine bogs bad after 2000 rpm. I installed a new fuel line From the tank to the spin on filter-an put it where the port engine fuel is supplied..still bogs. New plugs, coil, rotor & cap, still bogs, swapped engine control module, still bogs, disconnect the shift interrupter, still bogs, fuel pressure on both engines checks the same around 45 lbs. swapped out fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail, still bogs. Also swapped out idle air valve.. still bog. New fuel filter to. When the throttle is full open it pops back thru the throttle body. Engine is a 2004 model. Any ideas?.?? I am kinda well not kinda I am stumped.