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  1. have one with 250 hp.very fast, had above 60 on speedo on semi calm lake erie,love it
  2. don't understand driving traffic just thought I could helps this direct link http://www.maitlandmarine.com.au/wp-content/uploads/doc/111/2015/469-_4.5l_250hp_engine_-...
  3. best fuel rate for Merc available at maitlandmarine.com.au
  4. douglass


    Thanks for response,Calling dealer to get money back,recieved boat in early May,they said not available on backorder then.only other problem can't get boat under 3 mph for trolling with motor, no problem with troll motor.
  5. douglass


    new 19 fish &ski still no swim pad. dealer said backordered none in stock.anyone else having this problem
  6. thanks for replies just looking for ways to rig rod holders, to begin with.looking to rig 2 off aft and 1 off each side.
  7. Need help rigging new 19fish&ski for trolling, where to put rod holders,ect
  8. Where to put rod holders for trolling on 19fish&ski
  9. why does chaparral only make certain number of boats with 250hp merc ?
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