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  1. looks nice...and $$$$. I've used similar ones on GA aircraft, work well. Me, I added a front ball and pintle to an old garden tractor that I saved from being junked and restored it as a toy tug.
  2. it has the Merc 5.7, 260hp with the borg warner velvet drive
  3. Hi, no cabin in the front; bilge pump plumbing and bilge vent (intakes from scoop) plumbing. It is an early fiberglass Century, after they had shifted from wood construction, but still kept the classic lines. The Resorter line started as a wood boat in the 50's, became 'glass in the 70's while keeping similar lines, and are now a 'glass outboard. I wanted the classic look, but not the maintenance commitment of a wood boat...yet. I've always looked at wood boats are a lifestyle choice, not just a hobby. That is for when I am fully retired :-)
  4. thanks. she will be tied up next to the Chap. that was the marina boathouse where we pulled the boat in as it was raining pretty well the day I was available to take her out. it was a private owner. nice to have the boat house there though.
  5. We love the Chap 183 for all the family and friends reasons, tubing, evening sunset and booze (except for driver) cruises, but being a vintage car guy I wanted something w/ a bit more classic character. Found a 'glass Century Resorter in great shape. Needs some TLC, but all the critical things are sound and solid; floors, stringers, engine, et., and cosmetically beautiful if not in need of a good cleaning. Many happy Winter hours in the barn ahead of me!
  6. sometimes it is the simple things..... I added 3 additional snaps to the flap and center panel, for a total of 7 or 8 (away from boat right now), to hold the fabric tighter to the panel frame and it greatly reduced the leakage. If we are expecting significant rain, I place a piece of slit foam pipe insulation around the lower edge of the panel, with the fabric flap tightly snapping under that. Looks like a kludge, but effective....
  7. Hi All and thanks for the replies. This is a new aftermarket cover set (cannot remember the brand) that does snap to the underside of the center windshield panel, but, even with the poles, water will pool in that area until it starts running into the corners and between the snaps of the panel. I was able to reduce the leakage by putting a length of the split foam pipe insulation over the bottom of the center panel edge w/ some overlap which filled the gaps and mostly sealed the area between the panel bottom and canvas, but it still leaked a bit and I just don't like kludges. I lik
  8. ..and now a second, always powered bilge pump. But I would like to try and keep water out. Thx..and I targeted this model for the fiberglass liner as well as a few other features.
  9. Hi, Can anyone point me towards a supplier for a one piece canvas cockpit cover for our boat? Been searching online, but no luck so far. We have the 2 pieces, but the bow piece funnels water under the center hinged windscreen panel. In the pic (Hurricane Jose) you can just see where water pools and I stuffed some sheeting in to direct it away. Seems like one piece joining the two pieces and covering the windscreen, using the same snaps, would be ideal. We have a mooring cover, but that is cumbersome and doesn't work well w/ the ropes on the cleats. thanks all.
  10. Hi There are a few different bolt patterns, but you can fit any that are close. I wanted a wood wheel and wound up getting a nice Dino from Great Lakes, but it had a different, smaller diameter, bolt pattern from my wheel boss, so I drilled a new pattern. Some careful measuring and ~15 mins w/ a drill press and countersink bit and the wheel fits perfectly.
  11. Thanks again. I am installing a second pump tee"d into the existing bilge hose w/ backflow valves. I picked up a Rule automatic pump locally, but when I opened it up and read the documentation it indicated that it senses water by running a few seconds every ~2.5 minutes and draws ~.2ah/day without actually pumping. I am not sure I want to use that style of pump so I am looking for a float or other sensing design. Probably a conventional Rule automatic or Whale.
  12. Thanks all, debating the second battery project. Not a lot of space to add the second (in front of trim pump?) and a fair amount of addt'l weight at the stern. We are at the place most weekends so the boat isn't unattended for long periods, but the 2nd battery is probably the ideal situation.
  13. Hi All, new owner of a 2003 183SS. Our boat stays in the water at our dock for the season and currently the bilge float switch is wired through the master; no power to the pump or float switch w/ the battery master off. The pump will operate automatically via the float w/ the master on as well as with the helm switch. I want an automatic bilge pump powered at all times. What are the experts' thoughts and experiences on the two options: 1) Add a second automatic pump tee'd into the existing hose w/ backflow valve (w/ appropriate fuse, etc.). Plusses are redundancy, not cutting
  14. Hi, She is a 2003 with the 4.3l carb and Alpha 1 Gen 2 drive, standard (non Sport) seating, ~190hrs. Thanks. w
  15. Hi All, new Chaparral owners here from Cape Cod. First boat for me, Wife is from a boating family and we finally found a lake (pond?) house and a very low hour, immaculate 183ss. I plan on doing most of my own maintenance so I expect to be here asking questions and learning. w
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