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  1. I've got a an 18' Taco TRD Off-Road and pull my Sunesta 234 fine... loaded weight with trailer is just about 6,000lbs. I'm going less than 10 miles to the my slip maybe 4 times a year though to put the boat in the slip and take it out.
  2. Well that didn't work..... Not enough bite and slips up and out. Will try the channel lock and rag method next....
  3. Just orderd this. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DL3N1NS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_K690BbRZPFEXW Looks like the cap is 4” so hopefully this will work
  4. No, mine is aluminum and the cap is about 5-6” in diameter with wires coming out. Its the tank watch 2 http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/tank-watch-2-level-indicator-3132230277/
  5. Yes, that's what I'm referring to. The 6-8" level indicator cap on the holding tank - won't budge at all. Will look for a deck key of some sort like iggy suggested or may try a large channel lock if I can find one big enough
  6. Anyone have any great ideas on how to remove the dam cover? The thing is not budging one bit. Tried spraying it with penetrating oil, a strap wrench and rubber mallet - nothing. Is there a special wrench of some kind that would fit over the teeth and provide a bit more leverage? Kind of hard to get to also...
  7. Further

    What is this

    That would be your fuel filter..... Oil filter would be on the port side.
  8. What’s the best adhesive to use for the Chap lettering and logo? Had a bunch fall off this season so have some to replace. Thanks
  9. Hey all, 2004 Sunesta 234 - I've been noticing a really nasty sewer smell at the stern of the boat - while anchored and swimming after the head has been used quite a bit. It doesn't smell in the head compartment itself - only at the stern and in the cabinet beneath the sink which is adjacent to the head compartment - assuming the waste line runs under this. This is my first boat with a head - there is one sea cock which i assume is the inlet for the fresh water - hoping there isn't another that I don't know about that is letting the waste overboard and thats what i'm smelling. T
  10. I've got a new to me (this season) 2004 Sunesta 234 which is about the same as the one you are looking at except I've got the Volvo 5.0 GXI with SX drive - 270HP. I bought the boat with a 3 blade 14.5 x 21 prop and the hole shot was kinda weak and took a while to plane - top speed was about 40 at 4600 rpm - ended up breaking down about 10 hours in due to loss of spark - needed a tune up. I did a complete tune up - plugs, wires, cap, rotor, fluids, filters. I switched to 4 blade 14.5 x 19 and hole shot is great - much quicker and smoother. Planes very quick and gets right up to 4800
  11. I’d be interested in the measurements as well to see if it’ll work for my 234. If either Bt Doctur or cjm13905 don’t take it that is. Thank you!
  12. What size are your letters? I'm looking for an "L"
  13. Sorry, havin a time getting photos to post on this forum.... Really could be upgraded considering the usability of other forums i'm on is sooooo much better. Anyway, see the attached link for an idea of how I'm using the hull huggr's. I got some stainless washers and wood screws and just screwed it into the finger dock and let it hang down. I installed them towards the stern up to about midway so I only need one length on each side and the ropes keep the bow from hitting the docks. Then I've got the thicker single 36" at the bow/head of my slip installed the same way.... http://i1157.
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