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  1. Further

    Bleeding of Snap Eyelets

    I've got the same issue. I think they are stainless but not 100% sure as mine is new to me this year. The bleeding/streaking is annoying... Going to try vaseline and see if that helps
  2. Further

    Sunesta Bimini - Looking for fitting

    I ended up just buying a replacement SS pole cut to proper size and found fittings for both ends that would work.
  3. Further

    Fireboy replacement?

    Assuming you don't have the old one? I've got a 2004 234 and have the Fireboy CG2-124-FE241. I believe its for 125 CF. Lots of places sell them including West Marine and Jamestown Distributors. Just google the model # above. Not Cheap!
  4. Further

    Those of us with radio upgrades

    I just recently upgraded my system with Kicker speakers and a Kenwood bluetooth head unit. Also got 3 remotes to go with it; one for the helm, one for the bow and one for the transom but ran out of time before putting the boat in its slip... Haven't had much need for the remotes as of yet and the bluetooth works great but I'll probably end up replacing the remotes just cause....
  5. Further

    Should I install Trim tabs?

    I've got the standard 1212's from Bennett - straight edge, no fins in either direction. Thanks for the tips... I will definitely do the install when I pull the boat out at the end of the month for its monthly cleaning... Had smart tabs on my 18' and it was the best $120 I spent on it.
  6. Further

    Sunesta 224

    Lots of info on the Web. Here's a decent article. Pretty straight forward and easy project. https://www.boatingmag.com/how-to-install-marine-dual-battery-system
  7. Further

    Should I install Trim tabs?

    2004 Sunesta 234 - new to us and love it. Layout is fantastic and very pleased with the quality. Just splashed last weekend. It’s got a Volvo 5.0 Gxi w SX drive only 140 hours with a replacement block installed in 2016. Runs great but as I was expecting, it’s a bit of a dog with a full tank of gas and water. Takes a bit to get on plane. Have a 4 blade 19 pitch prop and get up to around 4600-4800 rpm at wot after trimming up a bit so I’m where it should be at. I’ve got a set of Bennett hydraulic trim tabs at my disposal but wondering what the consensus is on whether they are worth the effort (and transom hole making) on a 24’ deck boat. Will they help? Never had a boat with hydraulic tabs. My last boat was an 18’ Chris craft bow rider and I had installed smart tabs which worked great.
  8. Further

    transom entry door latch

    2004 Sunesta 234 - Anyone have any ideas on how to keep the transom door latched/shut while under way? The latch keeps working its way open and the door will slam open.
  9. Further

    Pump out adapter

    Anyone know what size pump out adapter is needed for a 2004 Sunesta 234?
  10. Further

    Stereo Upgrade

    Just so I’m clear, yellow from h/u goes to positive on amp; black from h/u goes to negative on amp. Can I connect the red from the h/u to the red on the existing wiring harness? There is a blue and white wire coming from the h/u labeled p.cont so assuming this connects to the p.con terminal on the amp?
  11. Further

    Stereo Upgrade

    Thanks. No I didn’t bypass the switch- sorry mis-stated. I ran positive cable from amp power to breaker near battery then from breaker to 1/2/both switch. Ground cable from amp to battery direct. So the black and yellow connect to the same terminals where I’ve got the large positive and negative cables running to the battery? Which is positive which is negative? what do you mean red is switched? Do I connect the red from the head unit to the existing red in the harness? guessing blue is the remote wire so that goes to the remote terminal on the amp? sorry for so many and silly questions... wish there was a wiring diagram that was clear on this.
  12. Further

    Stereo Upgrade

    Hey all, so finally getting around to installing the new system. Have all my LED and speaker wires run and new power and ground to the amp. Still a bit confused and just need clarification on wiring between the head unit and amp. I’ve got all 4 speakers and sub going to my 5 channel amp. Power and ground going to amp(direct from battery). Patch cables going from amp to head unit. So question is do I just use the new head unit harness and connect the remote wire from there to the amp? Are there any other connections or is the remote wire what powers the head unit off the amp? Tape off all the unused wires on the wiring harness at the head unit? TIA
  13. Further

    Wet Bar Sink

    Amazon!! Way too convenient. Ordered Friday night, arrived today.
  14. Further

    Wet Bar Sink

    Well tried taking it apart and it’s just too far gone. The chrome is all pitted and the cartridge won’t budge. Ordered a new one. Thanks all
  15. Anyone with a sunesta bimini? I'm missing the rear most pole on the port side extending from the main frame to the back right above the trunk locker.... I bought a new tube and fittings but the fitting it looks like the fitting at the bottom needs to be adjustable? Can someone snap a photo of theirs so I know what I need to get? Much appreciated.... Thanks in advance