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  1. Propwash

    Bimini Top Hardware

    To update this thread, I did order the Bimini top from Ameritex. It was expensive but I upgraded the fabric and it came with all stainless hardware and frame. Installed easily and does not shake or rattle at 30 MPH. The straps vibrate if going much faster but the top is rated for 30 MPH max and instructions say to take it down if going faster. 30 is fine for us b/c that is the speed I usually cruise at. Very pleased with the top and the company. Prop
  2. Propwash

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.

    Merry Christmas to all. I have enjoyed my 2 month Chaparral boat ownership and happy I found this group. So much great information. Looking forward to Spring but will be on the water the first pretty day we get. Happy New year! Propwash
  3. Propwash

    Is it really a good deal

    If you figure that X=9, that would make the boat be selling for $9,999. which in my opinion is way over priced. You should by all means keep looking and send me the contact info of the seller so I can berate him for trying to rip off one of our members. Cheers!, Propwash
  4. Propwash

    Bimini Top Hardware

    This is what the quote came in at. Way more than Overton's or E-Bay but I assume it is also better. I don't really need a top until so will continue to shop. That could be the best quote quality and cost, but who knows. Thanks again for the replies. Propwash
  5. Propwash

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Thanks brick, I went out and looked at the windshield and it had no hardware on it. The cockpit cover has two slits on each side for the frame so I'm good there. From the diagram AFS sent me it looks like I need a SS Round side mount and eye strap for each side of the windshield.
  6. Propwash

    Propwash Boat Pic's

    Chaparral SSI 236
  7. Propwash

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Thanks everybody for posting. There appears to be many more options than I first thought. I have several pieces of the SS hardware already on the boat. It looks like all of it that is supposed to attach to the hull, but I'm not sure I have any where it attaches to the windshield. I need to pull the cover back and take a look.I also need to check the height of the frame to make sure I'll have clearance when the boat is on the lift or does the frame lay down. The boat cover may also be an issue now that I think about it. It is supposed to rain this afternoon and get cold later this week so doubt I'll be boating at least until it warms up.
  8. Propwash

    Bimini Top Hardware

    Hi Everybody, Last month I bought a 2006 Chaparral 236 SSI. Very nice boat and we love it. It didn't come with a Bimini top but looks like it may have had one at some point in the past. It doesn't have a tower. Does anyone have a picture they could post of how the frame fit to the boat and is it sturdy enough to have up when running? I have a quote from Ameritex for the fabric, hardware and frame. Any suggestions for other vendors? This is my first post. I've enjoyed reading thru the threads. I will post pictures whenI get that figured out.