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  1. I goggled it myself and nothing came up. Whatever they did it's fixed and saved me the cost of a new one.

  2. Just want to thank everyone for the replies. I pulled the ECM out and sent it to a place in California who scan it and found out there was a bad crystal micro switch. I don't know what it does or if that is what they actually replaced. But they replaced it and sent it back. I installed it and it fired right up. They charged $625 plus shipping and guarantee it for a year.
  3. I did check over and over again just to make sure it didn't blow. And your right, I was think the same thing, it had to start with the pump. I actually replace the pump because after putting 12v directly to the pump I was getting no fuel pressure. I replace the pump and solved that problem. I also did replace the relay figuring if the pump stopped and the fuse blew I thought the relay failed as well. It may still have to do something with that system.
  4. Why just the engine, let's replace the whole boat! I actually retuned the parts I did't need.
  5. I've done that about 4x's. I didn't see one for the ECM directly. On the motor there is two relays which I've replaced, three 20amp fuses all together. In the beginning one of the 20amp fuse was blown which I believe was the fuel pump. At first I thought that was the problem, but as it turns out.
  6. There's a harness in the back of the motor but no pins. I tried to move it around but still no luck. I'm going to get some one with a scanner and try to scan for codes.
  7. I did check the starter solenoid in the beginning and power going in and out. I do have three batteries a year old and the boat is inside my shop. The boat is plugged in and the batteries are fully charged. As i mentioned, the motor cranks with plenty of power. I spent hours looking over all the wiring and unless I'm missing something, it all look good. I think probably the next step is to scan for codes.
  8. There has been once or twice I forgot to turn the lanyard on (it's an on off switch on below the shifter) and the motor won't crank if it's off. But I did jump it anyway. Also, the same thing happens if the shifter is not completely in neutral, will not crank and also jump the switch just to make sure. Do you think it could be the ECM? When I pull the plugs off I get power going in but cant find anything coming out.
  9. I may have to get a scanner hooked up to it and see if there are any actual codes that come up.
  10. It doesn't seem like a code because the long beep is for about 8 sec and it will only stop for about 1 sec.
  11. As I mentioned in the post, the motor cranks fine with plenty of power and the alternator is good. What puzzles me the most is no initial alarm or power to the pump and no spark but 20sec later with key on alarm comes on and power and spark come back. Plenty of cranking juice but no start.
  12. Thanks for getting back to me. Jump them both.
  13. Hey anyone that can help will be greatly appreciated. Have a 2003 6.2 Mercruiser EFI. Was coming in to my dock and just stalled out. No spark and power to the fuel pump or injectors. The motor will crank fine, but will not start and no prime to the pump when the key is first turned on or alarm sound check. But after 20 seconds if the key is left on the alarm will sound with long beeps and a shorts pause continuously. Every time the alarm beeps for some weird reason I get spark and power back to the pump and injectors. It still will not start! I've changed the oil pressure safety switch, temperature switch, coil with module attached, crank sensor, main relay, fuel pump relay, check all the wiring and jump out the ignition switch. Any other suggestions would help. Thanks!