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  1. I stand corrected on the year of my boat. It is a 1999 Sunester 232, not a 1997. It does have the 3000 Mercruiser throttle control.
  2. Sheperd1, Thank you for the MerCruiser replacement cat no. I will probably have to go ahead and get this one or the Seastar.
  3. The (2) above are similar, but are not the Mercruiser 3000. I probably will need to purchase a replacement unit. Thanks
  4. Yes, I found a video that shows how to remove the pushbutton with a screw driver.
  5. Thanks for the good suggestions!
  6. Denny, Thank you for all your good suggestions. Randy
  7. My boat has a Mercuriser 3000 throttle control unit. The push button is stuck and will not allow the gear handle to move forward or to reverse while in neutral. Does anyone know how to correct this problem? If not, where could I purchase a rebuilt unit? Thank you, Randy