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  1. Does anyone know if and where I can get a seat adjustment lever ? .... I just noticed my driver side one was missing. I tried looking up a part number for it, but it looks like the seat is all under one part number. Thanks
  2. Thanks guys ....
  3. Hi guys .... Another newbie question . When warming up my engine prior to my oil change and drive oil change, should I use muffs or the flush (blue cap) line. Or does it matter ? I do have a set of muffs. Thanks Bill
  4. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  5. My first oil change .... What is the best oil extraction pump to buy ? ..... I probably will go with a manual pump, but I am wondering if the kind with the small tube that goes down the dipstick hole is better than one with a screw on hose connector on top of the dipstick .... What do you guys use ? Recomendations ? Thanks Bill
  6. Im not sure .... To be honest I just pulled it home form the dealer a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to look that close in the engine bay
  7. Thanks Wingnut .... Mobile Alabama 15w - 50 is what I will use..... HaHa.
  8. Thanks Guys ... Mobile 1 it is. One question ... Why the 15w 50 weight ? The book calls for alternate weight of 10W-40. Is the heavier weight better for the engine ?
  9. Just picked up my (new to me) 2008 210SSI with a VP 5.0GXI .....(180 hours). I am going to start to do the typical maintainance steps and need to know what type oil and weight do you use ? I would rather not use the VP oil due to the cost and unavailability. Thanks Bill
  10. Hi Folks ..... I just wanted to introduce myself .... Just purchased a 2008 210SSI. Can’t wait for the warm weather so I can get it in the water. Im sure I’ll have many questions. Thanks Bill