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  1. Billp

    Prop repair near Raleigh NC

    Thanks Wingnut... I looked at propMD and with the repair plus shipping it was only $10 less than the brand new one I just bought...
  2. Billp

    Prop repair near Raleigh NC

    Any suggestions on a good Prop repair Shop near Raleigh ? .... Bent my prop this weekend so I ordered a new one , but want to get my bent one repaired to have a spare. Thanks Bill
  3. Billp

    Doozie Boat lift Capacity

    Have a Doozie boat lift installed in the boathouse of a lake house we recently purchased .... How can I tell what the weight Capacity is on this lift ? It needs to hold a 210SSI .... I think its ok, but wanted to get input from you guys. There are no labels or ID on the lift except the the Doozie label. Thanks Bill
  4. Billp

    Outdrive oil change

    Thanks .....
  5. Billp

    Outdrive oil change

    Changed my gear oil today ... Pumped the new oil slowly up from the drain hole and waited for the oil to start coming out the top plug... almost 3.8 quarts.... But the issue is that the dipstick is only reading half up the flat of the stick ... Shouldn’t it read to the top of the flat ?? Thanks Bill
  6. Billp

    VP Sterndrive Gear Oil

    Does anyone have a alternate recommendation for 75W 90 gear oil ??? ,,,... I just tried to buy some VP synthetic and nearly hit the floor when they said $20 a quart. Wouldnt any automotive syn gear oil at that weight work ?? Jed Clampet’s Texas Tea wasn’t worth that much ...lol As always, thanks for your help. Bill
  7. Billp

    Seat Adjustment lever

    Does anyone know if and where I can get a seat adjustment lever ? .... I just noticed my driver side one was missing. I tried looking up a part number for it, but it looks like the seat is all under one part number. Thanks
  8. Billp

    Running engine out of water

    Thanks guys ....
  9. Billp

    Running engine out of water

    Hi guys .... Another newbie question . When warming up my engine prior to my oil change and drive oil change, should I use muffs or the flush (blue cap) line. Or does it matter ? I do have a set of muffs. Thanks Bill
  10. Billp

    Oil change pump out

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  11. Billp

    Oil change pump out

    My first oil change .... What is the best oil extraction pump to buy ? ..... I probably will go with a manual pump, but I am wondering if the kind with the small tube that goes down the dipstick hole is better than one with a screw on hose connector on top of the dipstick .... What do you guys use ? Recomendations ? Thanks Bill
  12. Billp

    210SSi oil change and Maintainance

    Im not sure .... To be honest I just pulled it home form the dealer a few days ago and haven’t had a chance to look that close in the engine bay
  13. Billp

    210SSi oil change and Maintainance

    Thanks Wingnut .... Mobile Alabama 15w - 50 is what I will use..... HaHa.
  14. Billp

    210SSi oil change and Maintainance

    Thanks Guys ... Mobile 1 it is. One question ... Why the 15w 50 weight ? The book calls for alternate weight of 10W-40. Is the heavier weight better for the engine ?