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  1. Billp


    Thanks Curt...
  2. Billp


    5.0 GXI - J
  3. Billp


    Yes ... it a Volvo 5.0 gxi
  4. Billp


    I think there may be some issues with the warning alarms on my 210ssi... my knock sensor wire disconnected from the sensor last week and the boat started running like crap.. no alarm went off. Although my self test alarm (2 beeps) when I turn the key is working fine.... why didn’t the alarm go off telling me the knock sensor was disconnected??
  5. Billp

    Workshop manual

    Any recommendations on a good workshop manual for a VP 5.0gxi? I ordered a Rinda scan tool and need a good manual to trace down a intermittent miss and pop in my engine.... the Seloc manual isn’t cutting it !
  6. Billp

    Fuel pressure

    But should I be concerned that with the engine off (key on)the LP losses pressure to 0 quickly....once pressurized shouldn’t it hold pressure
  7. Billp

    Fuel pressure

    What is the right way to check fuel pressure ? Engine on or off ? I just installed a new fuel cell and with the engine off (key on) the LP pressure starts off at 20psi and then slowly drops to 0..(1 to 2 minutes).. the hp around 48 ........After starting the Engine LP starts out at 20psi and slowly drops to around 12psi... HP steady at 55psi. Are these normal readings? thanks Bill HP
  8. Thanks guys ...... other than the paint chip problem, are these pumps reliable? I think I will buy a replacement Oem and rebuild the old one to use as a spare
  9. My fuel pump called it quits yesterday due to the paint chip problem... Does anyone know if VP fixed this problem on replacement pumps? If so did they release a new part number? I just want to make sure I get a pump that not painted inside. 2008 210ssi 5.0 GXI-J
  10. Thanks Wingnut... I looked at propMD and with the repair plus shipping it was only $10 less than the brand new one I just bought...
  11. Any suggestions on a good Prop repair Shop near Raleigh ? .... Bent my prop this weekend so I ordered a new one , but want to get my bent one repaired to have a spare. Thanks Bill
  12. Have a Doozie boat lift installed in the boathouse of a lake house we recently purchased .... How can I tell what the weight Capacity is on this lift ? It needs to hold a 210SSI .... I think its ok, but wanted to get input from you guys. There are no labels or ID on the lift except the the Doozie label. Thanks Bill
  13. Changed my gear oil today ... Pumped the new oil slowly up from the drain hole and waited for the oil to start coming out the top plug... almost 3.8 quarts.... But the issue is that the dipstick is only reading half up the flat of the stick ... Shouldn’t it read to the top of the flat ?? Thanks Bill
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