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  1. Mod51Geezer

    Sea Deck

    Ordered thru Amazon. Anglers Storehouse was the vendor. $152.50 for the 5 mm (single color type) I ordered desert camo but rec'd snow camo which I like better. Figured it would not show shoe marks like a tan or light grey.
  2. Mod51Geezer

    246 SSI TOWER

    Sold to Adam in Boise! Enjoy.
  3. Mod51Geezer

    Sea Deck

    Don't know what level of perfection you are looking for but I priced the SeaDek pieces for my swim platform and it was $5-600. The material (5 mm) was available in a 1 meter by 2 meter sheet for $160 so I made my own templates and cut out the sections with a razor knife held at a 45. It's not perfect like the CNC router cut they use but I'm satisfied. And I had enough left over to add several areas leading into the cockpit.
  4. Mod51Geezer

    Replacement Drain Plug

    OK now I get it. Most oil drains get sucked upward from the dipstick tube via a garden hose thread. So find a pipe plug (not steel) and either weld the cable end to it or drill and tap a small machine screw and attach the cable piece.
  5. Mod51Geezer

    Replacement Drain Plug

    Looks like a 1/2" pipe thread standard bilge drain plug. Yours has a wire thingy to keep it from getting dropped in the lake. Oil drain connection? Probably not. Get a brass or stainless 1/2" NPT plug from the marine or hardware store.
  6. Mod51Geezer

    246 SSI TOWER

    botrdav, I removed the tower from my 09 226 SSI and have it for sale cheap. Needed a larger bimini. located 86404. https://mohave.craigslist.org/boa/d/wakeboard-alum-tower/6632763705.html
  7. Mod51Geezer

    Fresh water boat in the Salt

    If you really value the engine and manifolds don't use in salt water without a proper freshwater cooling system. The heads and exhaust have temps up to 800 degress or so. Yes the coolant temp says 160 but there are much hotter areas and when sea water is in contact with hot iron and alloys there is degradation immediately. You would not fill the radiator of your truck with sea water, right? Flushing really does not address this; it's too late.
  8. Mod51Geezer

    SeaDek Info for Owners of 2014 Chap 21 H2O Sport

    I liked the SeaDek product but not the cost to have them cut($600+). And that was if I made the templates for my '09 226 SSI. So I ordered a sheet of material (one color) and cut it with a thin razor knife held at a 45 angle. For $160 I got a one meter by two meter sheet and made more coverage than they offered. Not as pro looking but just a functional. Hey, it's just a boat!