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    97 Chaparral Signature-25

    OK I want to start by saying thanks to all that replied to this topic. it is good to have a place to turn to and get other perspective and thoughts . I grew up in southeast Louisiana and have been around boats all my life just not the sport or pleasure type as this is. Well any way after further inspection of the boat the sun has taken it's toll on most of the out side upholstery would have to be redone. The hull looks to be in good shape on the bottom side but the top side will have to be cleaned just to see if any repairs are needed. So for sure this would be a long and involved project. So with that being said I decided that this boat was B.E.R. That is Beyond Economical Repair so I left a message with the owner that if he just wanted the boat gone that I would hall it off for him free of charge. Again thanks for the input on this topic . May your next port of call be a safe and good one
  2. MR. White Boot's

    97 Chaparral Signature-25

    I have a chance to purchase a 97 signature-25 anyone know what the going rate is on this type of boat and year model Also any problem spots I should look for when inspecting the boat? The boat has been out of the water and sitting on the trailer since 05. The motor turns over but I did not try to start it for fear of bad gas The current owner just want's the boat gone out of his drive way and shot a price of xxxx at me Any input on this subject would be appreciated. Thanks