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  1. keowee john

    Vibration at about 2000 RPM on new 227ssx Alpha

    Thanks for the explanation. I never heard of that, but it makes sense. J
  2. I have a new 227SSX with an Alpha Drive. If I go to plane slowly I get a vibration at about 2000 to 2500 RPM. It goes away as I climb to 3000+ RPM. The prop looks ok. Any idea's?? My engine is a Mercury 4.5 MPI 250HP
  3. keowee john

    Instrument Questions

    I also have a 227 SSX that has 20 hours on it and am starting to notice some problems. The speed gauge(which is analog) off by at least 10MPH +. I plug in a Garmin for an accurate reading. I just noticed the depth finder goes to o for maybe 30 seconds then comes back. Its also very hard to read since its digital. I also have other problems. Disappointing.
  4. keowee john

    Battery dead after 4 weeks non use

    Thanks for all the reply's. I will be sure to turn off the main switch from now on. Cheers John
  5. keowee john

    Battery dead after 4 weeks non use

    Hi All My battery on a new 227 SSX goes dead after 3 to 4 weeks. I have it on a lift under a roof and I'm pretty sure everything is off. The only thing I didn't do was turn the main switch off. Do I really need to turn off the main switch every time I park the boat. This has happened twice when I didn't turn off the main switch.