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  1. Thanks. So from what I am reading keep it simple 1.) Use Engine Battery for starting only and switch to "off" once engine is running and House battery for everything else for that trip. When you shut the engine off (anchoring, drifting) turn the engine battery back "on" to restart so to ensure a charged battery. I think my issue was I left the House and Engine turned on and assumed they would charge during travel and that appears not he case. Also, I appreciate the advice about checking the load as maybe the batteries are failing. -
  2. I'm a first time owner and boat a 250 Signature Cruiser. I have a (2) battery system (engine and house) and curious to what the correct sequence is when out at sea and at anchor. I do not have a generator....do I leave both batteries in the "on" position....turn both "off" to not drain power? We were out last season and left both "on" and drifted for about an hour and when I went to start back up it was dead. Fortunately, I have a 3rd emergency switch to draw from both the re-start, but would've figured my engine battery wouldn't be affected. What's the correct sequence/process? Thanks!