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  1. bonpaul

    clamp-on towing mirrors

    A wireless camera is very handy, though I think a detachable mirror is enough for my needs.
  2. bonpaul

    clamp-on towing mirrors

    While searching for towing parts for my Durango, I saw the JR Products Aero 2 towing mirror. Does anyone have personal experience with it or any towing mirrors that feature a universal clamping system? I want something that is easy to install and remove, though my main concern is stability. Any recommendations on clamp-on mirrors that don't vibrate too much? Thanks.
  3. bonpaul

    Shout out for your favorite lake or river

    Laurel Lake. It is a small lake but the water is clean.
  4. bonpaul

    Maybe a new boat?

    Chaparral is a solid boat but you can't be sure that the owner maintained it well. Doing a marine survey can help you in your decision making.
  5. bonpaul

    Boat too Big or Trailer too Small

    Without a doubt, the trailer is too small.
  6. bonpaul

    Which Boating Magazine Do You Read?

    I like reading Boating World and Professional Boatbuilder.
  7. bonpaul

    Washed and waxed my boat for the 1st time.

    Nice boat. I use MaryKate On and Off Hull and bottom cleaner for removing hard water stains on gelcoats.
  8. bonpaul

    Close Call!

    That was close! Glad that they are all safe.
  9. bonpaul

    Vinyl Cleaning Recommendations

    I use Marine 31. It can effectively remove stains on vinyl.
  10. bonpaul

    Our new boat

    Congrats! Post some pics of your boat next time.
  11. bonpaul

    Anyone else suffering this years bad allergies ?

    If I have allergic rhinitis, I take cetirizine before going to bed.
  12. bonpaul

    Flat Tire Question

    Had the same problem. The remaining tread left was about 60% so I bought 4 new tires from 4wheelonline. I used the one tire as a spare and sold the other two used tires.
  13. bonpaul

    tire for towing my truck

    Thanks guys for the recommendations. I bought a set of Firestone Destinations. So far, I like the way they perform on the road. Road noise is very minimal as well.
  14. bonpaul

    tire for towing my truck

    Time for some new tires for my towing rig and I’m looking for opinions on what reasonably priced tires anybody recommends. I don't go off-roading. I need quiet, comfortable tires that have good tread life. I heard good things about Kumho Road Venture AT51. Does anyone have personal experience with these kumho tires? How about the Firestone Destination and BF Goodrich All-Terrain. Thanks for any help.
  15. bonpaul

    Renting a lake house

    Nice. The house looks nice and cozy. The price looks reasonable also.