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  1. I like trailering my boat because it allows me to explore new places. My towing rig, '14 Ram 2500, has a lockable undercover tonneau so that I can securely put my other stuff in the truck bed.
  2. What a magnificent view! Thanks for sharing the video.
  3. Sounds like a good choice. Got any pics?
  4. Try greatlakesskipper also. They have a good selection of Chaparral parts and accessories.
  5. Cool. That gives me an idea as I'm planning to upgrade my current GPS unit.
  6. That video is awesome. I dig the slow-mo.
  7. Nice pics! Looks like you had an awesome adventure.
  8. A wireless camera is very handy, though I think a detachable mirror is enough for my needs.
  9. While searching for towing parts for my Durango, I saw the JR Products Aero 2 towing mirror. Does anyone have personal experience with it or any towing mirrors that feature a universal clamping system? I want something that is easy to install and remove, though my main concern is stability. Any recommendations on clamp-on mirrors that don't vibrate too much? Thanks.
  10. Laurel Lake. It is a small lake but the water is clean.
  11. Chaparral is a solid boat but you can't be sure that the owner maintained it well. Doing a marine survey can help you in your decision making.
  12. Without a doubt, the trailer is too small.
  13. I like reading Boating World and Professional Boatbuilder.
  14. Nice boat. I use MaryKate On and Off Hull and bottom cleaner for removing hard water stains on gelcoats.
  15. bonpaul

    Close Call!

    That was close! Glad that they are all safe.
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