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  1. Moonlight1

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    Guys, thank you so much for all your good advise. i may be jumping the gun a bit on the size due to the fact i want to visit several places rather than slip the boat at any one place. I still enjoy hanging out at home polishing the Harley or the boat so trailering it is important to me. Exoset gave me the answer i wanted to hear (thank you) and i am used to pulling a big load so I really do feel the 310 is a good option. i visited with a guy that tows his 37' Doral annually with no worries but i felt that was to big hence my interest in the 310. i have looked a newer boats and considering ordering a new 310 so it would be the smaller version of the 310. We don't think the 270 will give us what we are looking for but it sounds like if i can find a nice 290 that may be a good option. We will continue our search and i do very much appreciate the expertise you all have offered. Exoset thank you for the loadrite info i will be doing my homework on that one. looks very nice.
  2. Moonlight1

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    Thanks for the input, sounds like it would fit in my building, i have talked to a couple guys that are trailering sail boats seasonally and i will need some permits and i am limited to the days i can tow it. i want to avoid a height issue with the beam which it sounds like i should be fine at 13'6". i am sure at some point i will leave it at the lake but i don't want to limit my options by getting a boat to big. Again thanks for the input. Do any of you have a recommendation on the best trailer? I am thinking Aluminum and i would think a wider than normal axle would be smart. I have seen some that keep 8' axle width and it looks unstable. Thinking with a 10' beam the axle should be 9' plus for stability.
  3. Moonlight1

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    Hello Boating experts I am new to the forum hoping to educate myself before i purchase. I am looking at buying a 310 i have only ever had smaller boats under 21' so this is a whole new arena for me. i am not at a point in life i can spend alot of time on the water so i want to bring my boat home in between trips so i can baby it in my building. I am in Utah there are several places i want to take the 310 so keeping it trailerable is important to me. i know a 310 is pushing the limit on trailering and from what i have read i am sure i will hear some don't do its and some no problem. I have a couple of dodge 3500 trucks that are capable I am not worried about the weight as i am used to pulling a 34' bumper pull trailer that is heavier than the boat will be, its the beam and height that concern me as well as launching. I guess finding the right trailer is one question i have, i want to keep it as low as possible and does anyone have a height of a 310 on a trailer? i want to put it in my building its a 16' ceiling and 14' door. Thanks in advance for your input.