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  1. rncharles

    97 Chaparral Signature-25

    Did the owner accept your proposition?
  2. rncharles

    New member

    I drive a 2014 Toyota Tacoma with 236 horsepower at 5200rpm. I'm planning to install a Blue Ox towing that I got from a friend. Aside from using it only on a boat, I want to repurpose my truck as an off-road recovery vehicle as well. I just need a second opinion if this is a good idea or there are other options available. Thank you.
  3. rncharles

    BIG Decision today

    That looks great, congrats!
  4. rncharles

    Bob from Scotland

    How's the engine performance doin' for you?
  5. rncharles

    Renting a lake house

    Were you able to find and rent one?
  6. rncharles

    New member

    I'm just looking for modification references. Thanks for the welcome and advice.
  7. rncharles

    Lake Oroville

    That looks amazing.
  8. rncharles

    New member

    Hello, thanks for accepting my registration. I'm not yet an owner but I'm planning to have one before March. I just have a question in mind though. Is anyone here use a pickup truck to tow their boat?