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  1. Ran-Man

    Electrical issue 2003 Sig 240

    Check to see if any circuit breakers are popped.
  2. Ran-Man

    Boat won’t start! Please help!!!

    Check the 90 amp fuse at starter and also check the engine wiring harness plug in back of the engine. Sometimes they loosen if the clamp isn't tight.
  3. Ran-Man

    low oil pressure alarm.

    It sounds like the alarm is programed to sound at pressures below 40 psi. I believe the rule of thumb for oil pressures is minimum 10 psi per 1000 rpm. Your pressure is normal. You could see if the oil pressure switch is adjustable or not, I just saw one online that is adjustable from 20psi - 100psi. My '99 Baja oil pressure would run 41psi cold and go as low as 20-25 psi after a hard run and slowing to an idle. I found that I had the best oil pressures when I used 24w 40 Merc oil.
  4. Ran-Man

    low oil pressure alarm.

    What is the gauge reading? What weight oil are you using? Oil pressure goes down when engine is hot and the oil gets thin.
  5. Ran-Man

    Intermittent sputtering, then conking out

    There's your problem. You said the marina topped the fuel in December. You're getting vapor lock from the "Winter Fuel". The additives in winter fuel like butane causes vapor lock. You're going have to run almost of the fuel out of the tank. Keep a full gas can handy when you go out in case it stalls again. If it does stall, just take the water separator off and fill it to top, it should start right up. I had the same problem with my Baja when it got warm. The fuel is your problem.
  6. Ran-Man

    2004 Chap Signature 290 vapor Locks

    You're quite welcome.. Anytime
  7. Ran-Man

    Bleeding of Snap Eyelets

    Starbrite Instant Black Streak Remover
  8. Ran-Man

    2004 Chap Signature 290 vapor Locks

    Did you put gas in it over the winter? I made that mistake when I had my Baja. Mine had the same exact symptoms as yours, it vapor locked in the fuel filter every time it got warm. I had to pull the filter every time it stalled and fill it with fuel to get it to start when it was warm. "Winter" fuel has much more butane mixed in it than "summer" fuel and it boils at Lower temps than gasoline which will create the vapor lock. I never had that problem again once I got all of that fuel out of the tank. Hope this this helps.
  9. Ran-Man

    Alarm Sound

    Check the tubing from the reservoir to where the tube enters the gimbal housing, also check the upper and lower plugs on the outdrive. If the drive oil has been changed recently I would check the o rings on the plugs to make they're still intact or and not doubled up. The leak may not be visible until the outdrive has warmed up and has pressurized.
  10. Ran-Man

    Power at dock?

    My 2011 270 uses a 30 amp 120C for the house and A/C
  11. Ran-Man

    Bluetooth Question

    Do you have a USB port?
  12. Ran-Man

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    I agree, trim tabs are a must. I've only had mine out 5 times so I'm still learning the characteristics of this boat.
  13. Ran-Man

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    Mine was listing as it set still in the slip. Moving the batteries leveled it out. I have the 8.1L for power, the weight of that may be helping me out.
  14. Ran-Man

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    The boat has some roll to it as do most aft cabin cruisers with an 8' 6" beam. The trim tabs do a great job correcting the roll. As for the windlass, I haven't used mine yet but I think I'm really going to like it. It beats tossing the anchor out by hand.Call Cecil Marine and see if it's possible to install one, they know quite about these boats.
  15. Ran-Man

    Chaparral 270 Sig

    I purchased a 2011 Sig 270 back in August, love the boat so far. I had to relocate my batteries to the starboard side of the engine room to level it out, the boat listed to port about 2 inches when the fresh water tank was full, it will also improve the ride. If your boat came with a generator on the starboard side, you shouldn't have any listing issues.