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  1. Can you please provide a link for a black flag pole holder for my arch tower? 250 Suncoast. Thanks
  2. My trim switch works intermittently and I need to clean the contacts. I've seen videos on YouTube but they were on unmounted throttles. Is there a way to get to the contacts without removing the entire control box?
  3. Hello All, Anyone happen to know the capacity of the gas tank? Im guessing 60 gallons but not sure. Thanks
  4. Hey all, just curious if there was a suggested wind limit when leaving your bimini top attached to the arch? I am a new owner and wanted to see if there was a number I should look out for when leaving it at the dock. Any imput would be appreciated.
  5. I just got the same platform from Gatorstep for my 250 Suncoast, and I would say it will most definitely not suffice for a seat cushion. There is not much give if any and it would not be conducive for your arse.
  6. I bought my first boat this year back in November...2017 250 Suncoast and all I can say is I am jonesing to get this bad boy in the water. While I am blessed to be able to have it, it is torture staring at it and waiting for the weather to turn. March is the pits....so jealous of all you southerners who get spoiled year round. This is just me venting....thanks for listening.
  7. FYI I ordered mine from Gatorstep, it was literally half price and came in a week. Excellent customer service.
  8. Thanks for the pics TNBrett, it looks awesome! I am leaning towards Gatorstep too, they are significantly cheaper and seem easier to work with as well. I'm guessing that is the Sharkfin over black? Those are the colors I am considering using. Do they get hot in the sun?
  9. Hello Everyone, I am a newbie here. I just bought a 2017 250 Suncoast, I am looking for any input regarding Gatorstep vs SeaDek for the Transom. Any advise would be really appreciated.
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