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  1. Captain Ed

    GPS speed

    Thanks for all the advice on GPS speed check. I can't wait to get out and try it. Yes the boat is beached on a semi pebbly beach. It was the crime of the century, I know. I do have a keel guard so it provided some protection. I usually don't beach the boat. That was a brief stop and an error in judgement. Thanks again for all the advice.
  2. Captain Ed

    GPS speed

    Thanks for the compliments on the boat. I love it. I've only had it for one season, so I'm not sure how the original owner ordered the canopy or the tower. The GPS the boat came with is a factory installed Garmin, not sure what model. Gotta go to work now, I appreciate all you guys and your responses. Thanks
  3. Captain Ed

    GPS speed

    I have run my boat WOT a few times and have achieved 60 mph on the speedometer. However I have never used a GPS to check speed. At the risk of sounding stupid, how do you check GPS speed? 2012 Sunest 264 with 8.2 H.O. Mercruiser motor.
  4. Captain Ed

    Does anyone own a Sunesta 274??

    There are many advancements on the newer models. You may want to call Deny2000 about his 2013 Sunesta 264, it is a way nicer boat. But if you can get that 04 for 20 - 25 thousand that would be pretty good too. Shop around, way all options. Good Luck.
  5. I also vote for the 244. I love my 2012 264. By the way, I usually don't beach the boat, this was a rare photo, and I do have a keel guard.
  6. Captain Ed

    New graphics

    Thanks Kurt, that's another good option.
  7. Captain Ed

    New graphics

    Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't thought of painting, that's a great idea. So I can try the black since I have them, and if I hate them, I'll have it painted. Thanks guys. Ed
  8. Captain Ed

    New graphics

    My graphic's are worn out. I want to change them but stay with original look. I purchased the only ones I could find from "Great Lake Skipper" the problem is they had a few different colors, none of which were white with black and grey gradient. The only one that would work color wise was black with the grey gradient, so I purchased the black graphic's. So I'm looking for opinions on the color change from white to black graphic's, I love the look of my boat, do you think the black graphic will change the look to dramatically or negatively? Thanks in advance for opinion. "
  9. Captain Ed

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    Thanks for all the feedback. It's been educational. I love this forum. I think I will take the majority advice and pass on the exhaust bypass. I'll find some other way to throw money at the boat, I'm sure. Thank you to everyone.
  10. Captain Ed

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    Looking at next years mad money budget. My 2012 264 Sunesta came with every option, except the arch and through hull exhaust. I have a 8.2 big block merc. I'm thinking of having a through hull exhaust system with silent choice option installed next winter. I'm looking for advice and knowledge of these systems. Like do they enhance performance in a significant way?
  11. Captain Ed

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    I pay $230 per month for a 13' ft X 45' ft storage, conrcete slab, with security gate and my own roll up door. I can fit both my Sunesta 264 (26'4") over 30' with trailer tongue, and my two Sea Doo's, but have to store them face them bow to bow and overlap trailer tongues. The storage is in Bullhead City, Arizona. The facility also provides power, a cleaning staion with hose and an ice maker for your coolers.
  12. Captain Ed

    Understanding propellers and labbing, a PSA

    Sounds great. But what is labbing? Can it be done to B3 dual prop?
  13. Captain Ed

    Props on Bravo lll

    Thanks for all the input. I'll let you all know what I do. I already bought the Big Ski, haven't tried it yet.
  14. Captain Ed

    Props on Bravo lll

    I've got a 2012 Sunesta with 8.2 H.O. Mercruiser with a Bravo lll drive. I've had the boat up to 60 mph w.o.t. 4900 - 5000 rpm. The hole shot is good, I don't have number on time to plane, but it's pretty quick. My props are 3 blade 26 pitch. My desire is to buy a new prop set and I was looking for advise on brands and pitch. Should I try something different or stay with same brand and pitch? I don't need anymore speed, more power out of the hole would be best if I were going to change pitch, I'm a little chubby and I'd like to try skiing again. Thank you in advance for your input.
  15. Captain Ed

    boat covers

    Hey does anyone have a recommendation as to where I can get a hi quality (Sunbrella material) mooring cover for my Sunesta 264? I have the cockpit and bow covers. I'm just looking for good full cover. Thanks for any advice in advance.