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  1. This is excellent advice, and absolutely hits the nail here on my fears of the unknown and why I'm nervous on starting too big/complex. My head has been spinning on this subject and decision, I used to find myself jumping from a 32 footer to a 15 foot skiff in a night! I am now pretty set on the 24-28 range, simply due to comfort factor and enjoyment, but the mechanical unknowns remain a really big concern for me. Your checklist suggestions are also terrific, and I think will help me a lot as I learn and gain confidence. Ill make that a sellers requirement Thanks for your response.
  2. 1. This is kind of my struggle with Erie, 28 footer is really big for a 1st power driven boat, but everyone tells me you need big for Erie due to sharp choppiness on the water. I also like the twin engines for balance and mechanically as a beginner , but its hard to find inboard twins on boats that meet the various criteria as the sizes go down. 2. Noted 3. Great advice here on timing. The only challenge I have had with various comparisons is the significant variations I have seen between prices for the same boat and the same year. I'm guessing some is down to con
  3. Hi there, thanks for your insight on the lake. The boat was kept indoors for two seasons. I think this sea trial is key, its a really good suggestion. It may lose me this boat however, I will have to see how this is received from the seller.
  4. Thanks for the insight. Taking a USCG course is smart and I'll plan on doing that. Im already a member of a yacht club, membership dues and joining fees were part of my package moving here, which was a nice touch. Our owners are big sailors. That said, as I have met with and chatted with the local club boat owners, Im getting a vast array of opinions on my first boat, that often counter each other, and exaggerated with an exuberance of port and scotch! I imagine though that once I select my boat, l will have plenty of help.
  5. Hi there, I'm new to power boating, but sailed all my life back in the Scotland where I originate from. So some experience with motors on the sailing side, but very little. I'm comfortable maneuvering boats in tight situations, know my weather and only sailed in the ocean, West Coast Scotland, so used to some quite large seas. That said, this will a whole new world of power boating, and also to the buying process as I'm not local yet! So I'm in Cleveland, Lake Erie, wife and 10 yr old lad, and looking to enjoy the lake doing mainly entertaining, tubing and some travel around the lake
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