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  1. Bubbadog

    New 2019 H2O Sport

    My 2017 H2O 19 will not take much trim either. A needles width above full down mark works best, any more trm up and it porpoises.
  2. Bubbadog

    New 21 H2O

    I agree about the neutral. I ran it up to about 3000 in neutral to get it close with the timing light. Then I took it out for a run to verify wot.
  3. Bubbadog

    New 21 H2O

    My 2017 H2O tach was way off when I bought the boat new. It would read 6000 rpms wot. Took it to dealer, they said it was fixed, but still 6000. I have a timing lite with tach readout. Had to move the adjustment screw from the 2 pin to the 5 pin to get the tach and timing light readout to match. Now it shows 4800 wot.