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  1. Benda23

    Mercruiser DTS

    Does anyone know how to reset or synchronize the two sticks on DTS. When I use both the starboard engine is about 700 rpm slower than port when both in line. If I switch to the 1 lever they run together
  2. Benda23

    Signature 29 Refrigerator Replacement

    Just installed a small cockpit 12 volt only from isotherm and world great
  3. Benda23

    Testimonial of love

    Awesome, love that area. Beautiful boat. Just put our in the slip yesterday but 45 degrees today looking forward to warmer weather
  4. Benda23

    Ben Pics

  5. Benda23

    Name and Hailing Port Location / 2014 Sig 310

    Here is what we did
  6. Benda23

    Fun time in Florida (Pics)

    Awesome pics love perdido key. Cant wait till boat goes back in the water 25 days 8hrs and ....
  7. Benda23

    Signature 330 Flooring Options.

    I just ordered the template to do Sea Dek going to decide to either do the whole thing in the grey faux teak. Definately going to do the swim platform but may do the carpeted areas as well.
  8. Benda23

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Wow beautiful area
  9. Benda23

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Awesome, yea we love the area - winter isnt even horrible if it ends at a respectable time and not may!
  10. Benda23

    Shameless plug for my YouTube channel

    Here is our channel. Have to get better about posting more https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcqwve7aDfGeBk79aQ5kesQ
  11. I don’t have a Volvo but looks like the trim hydraulic don’t have anodes
  12. Benda23

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    about the 10:20 mark it shows where I installed it
  13. Benda23

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    You can install it off the harness in the engine compartment. That’s what I did works great
  14. I found that range to be the best as stated you can operate on plane at lower speed but it definately feels more sluggish, I think the weight is the big effect
  15. Benda23

    Loose Bravo III drive

    After taking the boat out of the water I noticed the starboard drive is loose moves back and forth a little. The port dosent. I attached this video. There weren't any performance issues that i was aware of. Was wondering if someone knew what the problem might be or if it is a problem