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  1. Benda23

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    Thanks Hatem, that was helpful, I have searched youtube for someone who did a good video of how it operated and havent found anything. I am pretty sure that is the one i am going with. I did like the forward scan option but probably wont add that transducer till next year as I hate having the boat out of water too long and I have to figure out some way to get it installed and run wire back.
  2. Benda23

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    No worries I appreciate all your posts and the help you give. I didn’t know about the bar difference but looking up cost can’t justify that. Everything you said is what I want it for, more safety for a couple of trips we have planned heading to Canada. I haven’t posted any new videos yet but I have the footage just have been lazy getting them up. Will do soon. Thanks for all your help
  3. Benda23

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    I was thinking the 4g radar but never looked into the bar as a different option, does it do more or than the dome?
  4. Benda23

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    I installed the vessel view mobile device so you can see the data on your phone but I would like to just have something hard installed. the SIMRAD advertises that it has vessel view built in, I am looking for the error code display like the mobile app over more than just rpm and temps, as that has been helpful. I am a sucker for new tech so probably just want a reason to upgrade. I havent had any problem with the 5212 but cant upgrade maps anymore
  5. Benda23

    Upgrading chartplotter and adding radar

    Does the Garmin allow you to view the engine data like VesselView
  6. I have a garmin chartplotter on our 2012 signature 330 works fine but want to upgrade and also add radar for safer trips accross the lake. I am thinking of this unit by simrad wanted to know if anyone had any opinions https://simrad.factoryoutletstore.com/details/655099/simrad-go12-xse-c-map-pro-000-14834-001.html?category_id=87054&catalogitemid=589733 Also the transducer we have now is thru hull and this one mounts on the back cant seem to find a clear answer as to if this is ok on a boat like ours. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  7. Benda23

    Catalyst Fault

    Thanks Curt, I have heard from a local mechanic that it also can be a "sticky" error meaning that it might have shown up and gone away but the only way to get it to clear from our mobile view is to have the Mercruiser computer hooked up to clear the error. So going to try that first and then if it throws the code again get more aggressive. Thanks for responding back
  8. Benda23

    Catalyst Fault

    Using the mercruiser mobile view app I received a fault on the port engine: 18-Legacy Cayalyst oxygen storage capacity ratio. This is on Mag350 wondering if anyone else has had this and if it something i need to take care of right away?
  9. Benda23

    Mercruiser DTS

    Does anyone know how to reset or synchronize the two sticks on DTS. When I use both the starboard engine is about 700 rpm slower than port when both in line. If I switch to the 1 lever they run together
  10. Benda23

    Signature 29 Refrigerator Replacement

    Just installed a small cockpit 12 volt only from isotherm and world great
  11. Benda23

    Testimonial of love

    Awesome, love that area. Beautiful boat. Just put our in the slip yesterday but 45 degrees today looking forward to warmer weather
  12. Benda23

    Ben Pics

  13. Benda23

    Name and Hailing Port Location / 2014 Sig 310

    Here is what we did
  14. Benda23

    Fun time in Florida (Pics)

    Awesome pics love perdido key. Cant wait till boat goes back in the water 25 days 8hrs and ....
  15. Benda23

    Signature 330 Flooring Options.

    I just ordered the template to do Sea Dek going to decide to either do the whole thing in the grey faux teak. Definately going to do the swim platform but may do the carpeted areas as well.