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  1. I don’t have a Volvo but looks like the trim hydraulic don’t have anodes
  2. Benda23

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    about the 10:20 mark it shows where I installed it
  3. Benda23

    Helm Access - 310 Signature

    You can install it off the harness in the engine compartment. That’s what I did works great
  4. I found that range to be the best as stated you can operate on plane at lower speed but it definately feels more sluggish, I think the weight is the big effect
  5. Benda23

    Loose Bravo III drive

    After taking the boat out of the water I noticed the starboard drive is loose moves back and forth a little. The port dosent. I attached this video. There weren't any performance issues that i was aware of. Was wondering if someone knew what the problem might be or if it is a problem
  6. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    I totally agree that is a great boat. I know most dont start with that but I knew myself that I would want to upgrade after a year if I went smaller and didnt want to go through the hassel of getting a boat twice in a short period of time. The axius joystick was must for me it totally shortened the learning curve for having a boat of that size. Everyone at the marina was always shocked when I would back it in with no help. Made it look like i knew what I was doing
  7. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    Yep this was our first boat ever we really like it. It comes out on wednesday and cant wait for the next season
  8. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    It is under the front dinette table area ( I believe)
  9. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    It was behind the refrigerator in the galley
  10. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    Thanks That is exactly what I ended up doing as well, found out i had a small crack in a fitting that was letting air in causing the pump to cycle. Thanks for the help
  11. Benda23

    2 alarm beeps every minute: Updated Update...

    Dont know it it is the same with your engines but I found out that there are some sticky codes that only are cleared when hooked up to a mercruiser computer. I have had a couple 02 sensor codes and then just recently a misfire code that had to be cleared with the computer. The tech told me that some codes clear themselves when the problem is corrected and some need the computer
  12. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    Does anyone know where the pump is located
  13. Benda23

    Noisy water pump

    So all of a sudden our water pump will come on for about a second then go off. Before the only time you would hear it would be if you turned on the water. Now probably every two minutes it come on for a quick second When no one is using water. Also when we got on the boat today I heard a low motor noise and discovered it was the water pump when I open the faucet it tricked out until it charged the lines and the the low motor sound stopped. Have any of you experienced that. Wondering if the pump is going
  14. Benda23

    How to Anchor and Sleep Safely

    We have anchored out on the bay a couple of nights this year. Like said before make sure you have a 360 for the anchor swing. We used the anchor alarm app on our phone. We also ran the generator all night with no problems plus let us have A/C
  15. Benda23

    A/C temporarily stops

    Mine does that too I guess I thought it was normal