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  1. Benda23

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    Anchor not grabbing, I tried to anchor for a outdoor concert in about 15mph wind and couldnt get it to set, felt it get tight once and thought we were good but then we realized we were moving back slowly, could have been the conditions but there were other boats that were able to grab. Thought I would try it out there video seems compelling
  2. Benda23

    Late Model Signature Cabin door

    Was wondering if anyone has taken the cabin door off on the signature series. I believe i have some rollers that need replaced as the door closes hard but I am not sure how to disassemble to get to them.
  3. Benda23

    Any opinion on Mantus Anchors?

    I just ordered a rocna vulcan will post the results. We have had trouble with the one that came with our boat
  4. Benda23

    Canvas on a 330 sig hard top

    Yes the wine glasses dont move at alll (although they are plastic just in case)
  5. Benda23

    Canvas on a 330 sig hard top

    Here is a video we posted on youtube that shows the inside with the table I think near the end
  6. Benda23

    Canvas on a 330 sig hard top

    They have looked at it and are going to get back with me for ideas.
  7. Benda23

    Canvas on a 330 sig hard top

    Ours is a 2012. We actually have the dining table option in the front instead of the bed. We use the aft bed if we overnight. We do love the boat but yes a 38 would definitely be awesome.
  8. Benda23

    Canvas on a 330 sig hard top

    i have scoured the internet for that option and haven't found anything. Everybody has just referred me to some local canvas shops to see what they can come up with. I would love the same thing
  9. Benda23

    Mercruiser Axius upgrade

    I have th joystick acoustic system (love it) I was wondering if I could upgrade to have the skyhook
  10. Benda23

    Mercruiser Axius upgrade

    my local dealer barely was aware that boats had joysticks, guess I will have to call merc
  11. Benda23

    Mercruiser Axius upgrade

    Does anyone know if you can add the Skyhook feature to a boat that just has the axius joystick system. I would think it would be possible since it uses the same motors and controls for the joystick to hold it in place but cant seem to find anything online talking about it
  12. Benda23

    My Images

  13. Benda23

    Chap 330 owners which grill stows topside?

    We have the stock mount from the factory and it came with the solaire grill works great and fits in the back compartment where the shore power cable is , but i just bought a cover and leave it on all the time
  14. Benda23

    Spotlight Installation

    I would like to add a spotlight to my 2012 Signature 330 does anyone know if the factory would run wiring already from the stock location to the switches at helm? Was hoping to not have to tear out alot in the cabin and also want it to look factory not a extra