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  1. You will love it. One of the best things about working the deal on our new boat was that if it didn’t work out we still were super happy with the 330. In fact when we went to Fort Lauderdale boat show there weren’t any other boats in its classs that we felt were above what we had.
  2. We have decided to move on to a new boat for next season we are trading our 2012 Signature 330 in on a 2018 Carver C37. We absolutely love the Chap and as it was our first boat ever, allowed us to discover how much we love boating. We never intended to change after just two years, and still feel that the Chap is the best boat in its class for features and layout. The only things I realized I wanted to change was I didn't like putting up and down the canvass and isinglass in the front. That got us looking at coupes that had the solid windshield. Once we started looking and saw the Carver with
  3. You will love it, gives you a ton of info plus easy view of error codes
  4. Should be right behind the chart plotter. That’s where mine was on sig 330
  5. Thanks appreciate it. Beautiful boat you will love it
  6. Benda23

    Garmin 5212

    I had that model before we upgraded and tried upgrading bought the new maps and it never took. Partly why i upgraded.
  7. not to steal this thread, but wanted to know where you got your back canvas we have a 330 and always wanted to do something like that
  8. We went was a great show first time we were ever there. Was extremely hot but every boat you could imagine. After leaving we decided to put the chap on the market and we are looking to go to carver c37 coupe - tired of the canvass and glass
  9. So update: Got the boat back with the new drive and ran great had a great weekend. And Insurance covered the claim so only have $2500 deductible. Thennnnn on sunday was coming back in and went into guardian mode said water pressure was low so I brought the smartcraft display on the simrad and watched it. The pressure on port was low 2 or 3 psi but it never over heated. Called the mechanic and he looked at it the sea water pump and the seal on the front where comes out to pulley was bad and leaking so now that is getting replaced. Always something
  10. Just got it back yesterday. brand new bravo 3 drive in. Only drove it from the courtesy dock to my slip so far, but going to take it out tonight. --- The drive movement is something he suggested to address but it requires alot more work with removing the engines and hatch etc and the fact that it hasnt changed even a small amount from when i notice it till this year I am going to wait till end of season or start of next to handle it just glad to get it back for the last month of season.
  11. Yea i think $8500 is the parts not sure labor yet but cant be a ton as installing the drive is fairly quick. That is a new one i guess there are cheeper rebuilt or aftermarket options too
  12. No he cant put a claim in and going to see what the adjuster says. Hopefully they will cover. I have a $2500 deductible but still better than $9k
  13. So now the mechanic looked at the upper and there are problems with the gears so it is a whole drive replacement. Bad thing more money but good thing it ships and should be a fast bolt on and back in the water for weekend
  14. He said there isnt a need to do anything to the other one
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