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  1. Benda23

    Alarm beeps once every minute

    I installed mercury vessel view mobile when i had a beep every minute to find out what it was. (totally recommend installing it) It took 10 minutes and its about $250. It told me i had a o2 sensor giving an alarm.(even tells you which one) I changed the 02 sensor but couldn't get the error to go away, found out from mercury that i had to have someone come clear it on a computer. Did that and went away, but the mobile view sure saved me wondering what was going on and give you all kinds of other data
  2. Benda23


    I have a 2012 and don’t know if any from the factory
  3. Benda23

    Shower Drain in Head - 2000 Sig 300

    I have the signature 330 and thought it was a leak by the floor plan but it turned out it was the hose to the drain, pulled it up through the head side and was able to tighten the hose and fixed it not sure if they are the same on the 300
  4. Benda23

    New to Chaps

    Congrats on the new boat
  5. Benda23

    Mercruiser fault codes

    So I added the Bluetooth VesselView mobile to my engine because I would get a random beep while out and couldn’t figure out what it was. The app is awesome in all the detail it gives you. It did show two fault codes I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions the first is 1012-25 engine or trim position : the input circuit for the sensor is below the valid limit the 2nd is 901-5 short term fuel trim starboard : the signal received is valid but is lower than the expected range everything operates fine but I would like to get them fixed any suggestions appreciated
  6. Benda23

    HVAC Question

    I was more just concerned with it putting extra wear on the fan motor if it wasn’t supposed to do that. I actually like the white noise
  7. Benda23

    HVAC Question

    When I run the heat or air conditioner when it reaches temperature it turns off the compressor but it still runs a fan circulating air. Is that normal? Seems like it would make more sense to turn off completely until the thermostat calls for heat or a/c
  8. Benda23

    Water tank

    Thanks a ton
  9. Benda23

    Water tank

    When I hook up to water at the dock. Does that fill the on board water tank or does that just bypass the tank
  10. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    Boat fixed. I guess it was a bad battery that sent a code to computer to not let engine start and had to be cleared with a computer from Mercury nothing I could do myself. Took it out today and ran great!
  11. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    It’s not the batteries you can here the fuel pump fire up. I am starting to think it has to do with the axius system. A sensor or something. Have to call a rep to come out with computer
  12. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    So swapped out all batteries for new and checked all solenoids and still can’t figure it out no crank and no trim on one engine. Trying to get someone out to put on computer tomorrow. Very frustrating
  13. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    Yea I tried that appears to be in neutral. The fact it dosent trim either makes me think it is something electrical
  14. Benda23

    Starboard engine won’t start

    So I just got the boat delivered from nj to Lake Erie and in its slip. Went to take it out again and can’t get the starboard engine to start. I replaced the batteries. When I turn the key I can hear the fuel injection engage but the neutral light does not come on and the starboard engine won’t trim either. When I turn key to start I get 6 beeps but no turnover. The port engine works fine. Any suggestions
  15. Benda23

    Camper top for 330

    Thanks rreale I reached out to them, they only sell the replacement to the OEM version. There may not be a option beyond someone doing something custom, I have looked all over and cant even find a picture of anybody with one