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  1. Thanks rreale I reached out to them, they only sell the replacement to the OEM version. There may not be a option beyond someone doing something custom, I have looked all over and cant even find a picture of anybody with one
  2. Does anyone know of a camper top option for the newer signature 330 with the hard top. I haven’t been able to find anything
  3. Found a guy out of Florida with a trailer to move it without removing the hardtop going to be moving it next week. Will be glad when it is in its slip and done with this part!
  4. So the boat hauler I had selected to bring up 2012 330 signature from nj to erie pa. Just called to say he didn’t realize the weight and can’t move it. So I am checking with some other haulers and one asked if the hard top can be removed. I really don’t want to do that but was curious if that is even possible?
  5. Went great getting shipped up next Friday. Hopefully some warm weather too
  6. Last step before shipping it up to Lake Erie and today in Jersey we have 3" snow. Hopefully the rest of the boat season will look up
  7. Mercrusier 5.7 mags
  8. I am in the process of purchasing a 2012 Signature 330 that had one engine riser and manifold done last year, and I want to have the other done before I have it shipped to me. Was wondering what is a estimate of the price for doing just one engine. I want them to use OEM parts