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  1. Are you talking about a wake board tower ?
  2. You know, I keep forgetting to try and reach under the motor to see if there is one down there. I dont see it in the drain plug hole. Its almost impossible to get your head down there to look, so I would have to get a coat hanger and see if I can fish one out. I sure hope there is one, my motor diagram says there should be one.
  3. I am looking for a good quality oil pump extractor for my 6.2 Merc. I would like electric or one that uses a hand drill. I have had a few hand pump types but they never last and leak. I want something that attaches to the dipstick fitting on my Merc motor. Makes it super easy to just thread it on and go. Any recommendations ?
  4. Thanks. Seems the whole assembly should not be moving. I've checked the pins and the large bolt that holds this assembly and everything is tight. Also, the cable housing sliding in and out, is that normal to see that move? There is zero play in the out drive, I have narrowed it down to this issue.
  5. On my 2006 Chap 246 SSI I have some play in the steering. I took a video of what is moving when the wife was turning the wheel back and forth. Should this be moving the way it is ? The whole steering assembly has some movement, but you can also see the cable has a good amount of play in it. Here is the video
  6. Excellent, I will do that and see what I can match up.
  7. I emailed Cecil Marine and they shot me a link to aqua star distributors and they sell the whole new toilet lid for the VaccuFlush, but they dont sell the hinges.
  8. I am looking for a hinge set for the toilet in my 2006 246 SSI toilet seat. So far all I can find is the whole toilet and all i need is the two hinges. Its the pump out toilet built into boat.
  9. Well looking over my boat last night, I have ZERO room for another battery unless I install it into a compartment. So, this option is out.
  10. Currently in my 246, I have 2 batteries on a selector switch, it has off, battery 1, battery 2, and both as options. I have 3 amplifiers running all kinds of subs and speakers and I want to add a third battery dedicated to the stereo system. How do I add the cables to the existing system switch ? Can this third battery just piggy back off another battery on the switch ? I will have a 3 bank charger to keep them charged when in storage, just not sure how to wire it into the boat for an alternator charge.
  11. 229-686-6541 The number goes to a Robin Keller. I told her my issues and she went to speak to the guys in the shop, called me back withing the hour with my answer. Good luck, hopefully she can help you.
  12. Can you post a link to what your purchased with the colors ? I have the same interior colors as you on my 2006 246 SSI. The tops of my captains chairs are faded from the sun. I would like to try it on those. Just the color for the top of captains chairs.
  13. So, got a call back from the Chaparral factory. A very nice lady spoke to the guys in the shop for me and they said not to worry about it. There built to get some moisture in there and the transom on the 2006 model will last another 20 years. He said its probably coming from the bracket support screws and to just reseal them and forget it. I also got the same exact answer from Joe at Cecil marine.
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