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  1. Gapple12

    Play in steering wheel

    Ok, haven’t been on the boat in a while but took a video of the part that’s loose. See video below and let me know your thoughts. Seems the shaft is moving in and out of this steering box before the out drive moves. Is this normal ? The movement you are seeing is the wheel turning back and forth and the drive is still. https://youtu.be/hV9pqVml23o
  2. Gapple12

    Bluetooth Question

    I added one of these to my factory JBL radio and it works awesome plus its water proof. Just plugs into the AUX RCA plugs on the back of the deck and you splice into a power and ground. Then search bluetooth devices on your phone and your off and running. http://www.jlaudio.com/mbt-rx-marine-audio-bluetooth-receiver-91126
  3. Gapple12

    Newer 246 depth gauge

    Mine cuts in and out even when just sitting. Not sure if its a power issue or the actual gauge not reading.
  4. Gapple12

    2006 246 SSI Battery selector switch

    So, I'm curious what this Isolator box does(see link below) ? I'm seeing both batteries connected to it. http://www.cecilmarineonline.com/isolator-2-bank-this-item-is-no-longer-available/
  5. Gapple12

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    2006 Chap 246 SSI with 6.2, slightly trimmed up and running little above 5K RPM with 4 adults, 50 mph. So the gauge says.....
  6. Gapple12

    2006 246 SSI Battery selector switch

    Yup, it worked. I do not have anything like that. My switch wiring goes directly to the batteries.
  7. Gapple12

    2006 246 SSI Battery selector switch

    How do I know if I have one ? Both batteries are brand new this year
  8. Gapple12

    2006 246 SSI Battery selector switch

    Next time I have the boat home, I will meter the batteries to verify they both are charging. Both batteries are new this year.
  9. So, I've been chasing a weird starter issue on my 246. The starter is sounding like the battery is almost dead when trying to start. Turns over real slow, but it starts. Now, this is with the selector switch on 1 and I keep it there all day. If I put the switch on BOTH, the motor fires right up correctly. I called a buddy on this who has a Chaparral as well and he said I should leave the switch set to both when operating the boat so both batteries get charged while underway. Put it on 1 or 2 when your just sitting listening to music and such. If I am leaving it set to one battery, only that battery is getting charged. Anyone have any info on the correct operation on this ?
  10. Gapple12

    Replacement carpet or seadek?

    Just redo the plastic backing. I used Flex Seal to do mine and its holding out great so far. I got a wire brush and spent a few hours taking off the loose rubber, then after a good clean up, I brushed on the flex seal. Dont use the spray can Flex Seal, use the paint in a can. Seems they are different.
  11. Gapple12

    Play in steering wheel

    How would you adjust them ? Is there just a nut and bolt on both ends ?
  12. Gapple12

    Play in steering wheel

    Thanks guys, I will troubleshoot more this weekend.
  13. Gapple12

    Play in steering wheel

    So, I was able to hold the drive and the steering wheel still moves both ways before the drive moves. My guess is the cable is worn from what I've read, but I'm not sure if that's an easy job or not. Could the steering box behind the wheel be warn ? Where can I find the part numbers for these items ?
  14. Gapple12

    Correct Chaparral gel coat color

    Your right, I missed the year part. I ordered the mission white. Even if its off some, no one will ever see it.
  15. Gapple12

    Correct Chaparral gel coat color

    Yes, when I type in Chaparral/white on iboats.com under boat gel coat, that is what I get. But, I get 3 different kit part numbers for 2000-2015 mission white color boat gel coat. There is also a revolution mission white color. https://www.iboats.com/shop/paint-and-maintenance/fiberglass-and-epoxy-boat-repair/boat-gel-coat-repair.html?find=chaparral-white-10538997&finder=26