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  1. I’m just curious, but my boat has the silent choice exhaust. Since the stock exhaust flapper is after the silent choice, technically the noise should stop when I flip the switch and the exhaust goes out the side instead of rear ?
  2. Wow, thanks, can’t ask for a better reply then that. Now I need to determine what is causing the noise and where. It sounds like something loose, not a steady sound like gasket leak. I’ll use my mechanic stethoscope and try to nail it down.
  3. Just purchased a 2006 chaparral 246 with a mercury 6.2. Upon the test drive while we were headed out of cove I opened engine hatch and heard a slight tick noise from one riser area. Didn’t sound like a knock or exhaust leak. One of the guys with us said that was a Exhaust flapper valve and mercury motors always have issues with these. He said it’s a very easy fix. I looked at a riser diagram and I don’t see this part. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a parts guide on this motor ?
  4. Ok, thank you
  5. Hello, new here. Just purchased a 2006 Chap 246 ssi and while winterizing, I ran the fresh water tank dry. I added RV antifreeze to cycle threw it and can’t get the pump to move it. Is there a way to prime the pump ?